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  1. Been playing Rage today. Enjoying it alot once I sorted out the texture popping. Its a strange engine. seems almost like a step backwards from the Doom3 engine.

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    2. YouGroove


      I don't think it takne 8 years ? or their team is very tiny ? Perhaps they have spend a lot in finding something new, new technology. I just find their Mega Texture a fail ! And with traditionnal techology

      they have could done enought good level as beautifull i think. And games that don't use that technology, games like BAttlefield 3 looks 10 times better !

      (But they'll sail well i think, with the good advertisments and not so bad game finally)

    3. niv3k


      so....rage wont even start up anymore...anyone else having that problem?

    4. niv3k


      nvrmind...triple buffering on ATi cards causes the startup crash....LOL @ me...fail..

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