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  1. Been playing Rage today. Enjoying it alot once I sorted out the texture popping. Its a strange engine. seems almost like a step backwards from the Doom3 engine.

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    2. Pixel Perfect

      Pixel Perfect

      DeusEx 2 or 3 ???

    3. YouGroove


      YEsp, i htink they have been inspired a lot and copied in some way Borderland. their engine don't seem incredible at all also. And they can't beat Borderlands big open Worlds, cartoon style and looting system, with varied mission and lot of fun. I'll just take it when it will go down to 10 Euros , i save the money for Borderlands 2 :)

    4. niv3k


      AMD needs to fix their drivers...if they keep suckin like this i'm going back to Nvidia...ha i only bought a new ATi card just cause it came with DEUS EX HR and DIRT 3 for free :D but RAGE is having tons of texture problems. ha and 8 yrs of developing this game...i mean 8 yrs creating the environment....5 months to code..? fail.

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