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  1. Really been enjoying this, except some heavily armoured dudes have started to appear at enemy outposts which is ruining my fun a bit. They're somewhat immune to my arrows. Playing it on PC(through steam) and had too install the stupid UPlay which is basically ubisofts version of steam. Seems like every new game you have to register on another new service just to play the damn thing. Hate it!
  2. My SSD just failed:( and Happy New Year

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    2. Kronos


      Unfortunately every time I try and access the SRT application, the computer crashes so I can't uninstall it or anything.(Probably because drives are setup in a raid config I guess)

    3. ChrisMAN


      I did raid 0 once. Never again.

      I will only do soft raid hence forth.

    4. Flexman


      OCZ SSDs had a really high failure rate. Wish I'd known that before buying one last year (it failed after 3 months).

  3. I hate z-fighting!!

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    2. Flexman


      Sometimes it can't be avoided and is one of those things you need to work around. Not everyone makes simple demo scenes. Even in AAA games you see it from time to time.

    3. Kronos


      after reading the forums it seems enlarging the near distance of camera helps. I had it set to something pretty smalll

    4. Flexman


      That would do it alright.

  4. Is it possible to write a shader and then let the existing lighting shaders in Leadwerks do the lighting stuff or would I have to include a lighting element in my shader?
  5. Thanks for the input. I think I will take scaling out of the equation which will hopefully simplify things.
  6. I don't know if such a thing is possible but it would be helpful for the model editor I'm working on. At the moment scale seems to be getting messed up when parenting entities.
  7. A successful weekends programming putting in some basic pathfinding for different vehicle types

    1. Pixel Perfect
    2. Kronos


      indeed..its nice when stuff works as expected.

    3. Pixel Perfect

      Pixel Perfect

      You should showcase it, always interested in seeing peoples path finding solutions

  8. A while ago I was looking at callbacks for the first time and wrote this little demo to test some things. Anyway I figure it might be useful to others so here is the code. 'A short demo to show how to setup certain callbacks in Blitzmax ' and how to associate an instance of a type with an entity which can hold additional info ' use wasd,lshift and space to move camera ' keys r,g,b to send message to entity (to change colour) 'count1 updates for every entity update 'count2 updates when entity is in defined range of camera and name of entity matches simple.name Framework leadwerks.engine
  9. Investigating callbacks

    1. DaDonik


      Make sure to investigate them in detail, because they are usefull as hell!

    2. Benton


      what's a callback...? :P

  10. Evangelise away it was a good read. I'm not sure why you think I haven't taken an OOP approach to this, I thought I had spelled it out pretty clearly.
  11. After a few of weeks of programming burnout I am now back in action. i think I was starting to feel a bit swamped with the increasing complexity of my project amongst other things however things are looking a bit rosier now. I probably should have sat down and made a proper plan because of all the dependencies of the various elements. My history with Leadwerks has been somewhat chequered and I have struggled for along time trying to do stuff with it in the past. However lately things just seem to be clicking so I have decided to move my main project over from Xors3d to Leadwerks. Xors is a
  12. back in action..

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    2. Kronos


      also works for napoleonic vampire hunters

    3. Benton


      meh vampires are ok...

    4. AggrorJorn


      unless they sparkle

  13. Seem to have fallen out of love with programming..hopefully only temporary

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    2. Roland


      Happens every now and then. It will come back

    3. Pixel Perfect

      Pixel Perfect

      very common, work on something else and give yourself a break from coding

    4. paramecij


      Happened to me too. Got burned out working as a programmer, while also developing my 3d engine and game in free time. It was a 4 year period, in which I totally abandoned programming, gamedev, comp tech etc. I took up new hobbies like photography... Then the craving came back and I found LE :)

  14. it would probably help if you gave some background eg what programs you've used in the past. What type of game are you looking to make. What programming language do you intend to use?
  15. sound or sound triggers on emitters/particles? For explosions and the like.
  16. None that I am aware of. So are you saying leadwerks engine itself is running in debug mode when this option is set because it was written in blitzmax. Interesting.
  17. Seems odd.I haven't noticed this any other engines when using blitzmax. oh well.
  18. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem. All my leadwerks programs written in Blitzmax seems to run really slow when compiled in debug mode. As an example I have a simple app which has a scene , some animated characters running about and thats about it but it runs at less than 30 fps in debug mode. 60+ when debug is unchecked. Is this a windows 7 thing?
  19. One of the things that always amazes me in wow is the lack of visible lod'ing on anything. One wonders whether they use brute force for rendering the terrain. The only thing I know about the terrains in wow is that they use a max of 4 textures per terrain square.
  20. This seems to do the job for horizontal and vertical aiming. Local t:TVec3=TFormPoint(Vec3(0,0,0),enemytarget.chassis,chassis) dYaw = -ATan2(t.x,t.z) dPitch =-ATan2(t.y, Sqr(t.x*t.x + t.z*t.z)) mRotate(turret1,0,CurveAngle(dYaw,entityrotation(turret1).y,10.0/AppSpeed()),0) mRotate(barrel,CurveAngle(dPitch,entityrotation(barrel).x,10.0/AppSpeed()),0,0) never really understood TFormpoint and TFormVector before but its becoming clearer. Thanks Josh for pointing me in the right direction.(haha unintentional pun)
  21. I have a vehicle which has a turret base attached to it which can rotate locally around its y axis. A barrel is attached to this turret base that can move locally in the x axis but has an upper and lower limit on how far it can rotate. The vehicle will be travelling over uneven terrain. My question is how can I make the gun turret point towards a certain point, eg an enemy vehicle or a specific point in space. When i was using Blitz3d I used Deltayaw and Deltapitch for this which worked fine, but we do not have these functions in Leadwerks. I tried using the Deltapitch/yaw functions f
  22. Don't you just want to use TerrainElevation or am I not understanding. This will give you the terrain height at ANY point on the terrain.
  23. Been playing Rage today. Enjoying it alot once I sorted out the texture popping. Its a strange engine. seems almost like a step backwards from the Doom3 engine.

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    2. YouGroove


      I don't think it takne 8 years ? or their team is very tiny ? Perhaps they have spend a lot in finding something new, new technology. I just find their Mega Texture a fail ! And with traditionnal techology

      they have could done enought good level as beautifull i think. And games that don't use that technology, games like BAttlefield 3 looks 10 times better !

      (But they'll sail well i think, with the good advertisments and not so bad game finally)

    3. niv3k


      so....rage wont even start up anymore...anyone else having that problem?

    4. niv3k


      nvrmind...triple buffering on ATi cards causes the startup crash....LOL @ me...fail..

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