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  1. Just never used it. That's probably why I didn't remember my bad.. But for LE3 I just think brushes will work best ?
  2. The feature wasn't official nor shared with the community if I remember correct. And it didn't work with 2.5 either. I guess the normal in engine brushes will do just fine also because it won't be a pain for the graphics card so it can load more advanced geometric
  3. It certainly is. Games made with leadwerks (according to the official EULA) are Royalty free. Sold workshop items are not accounted for in the EULA, so you have to pay for the use of the system.
  4. Macklebee ! you're the hero of today Completely works.
  5. Entities next to it (between the radius of 10) are my character and another object with that value. I am not getting why it wouldn't work. I can't really return the values using System:Print() because we can't print tables to the system. So I don't know what is returned I tried another value in the same script, but it is still a Nil value. So I guess the: for e=0, #entities do end isn't working.
  6. Yes, I have. It gave me the error on: if entities[e].script.health ~= nil then
  7. Won't work for me, it gave me: 119 : attempt to index a nil value.
  8. Hi all, I was wondering how I can get any entity in the world with a certain variable inside such as "health"? This is because I am making a script with exploding stuff in it. but when something near it with the health variable, it has to get the same amount of damage too. Thanks in common.
  9. Yeah. Why not. Idk if the project really matters. All I got to do name the headers exactly the same as you need right? Or am I just thinking outside the box?
  10. It certainly did work! Thanks !!
  11. Well I got the professional edition. What if I like to do so for dragonfreak?
  12. Well this is perfect haha. Thanks for your help ! Will login later today on my PC, problem is I ain't got very much time, Have to built a gaming pc for some budy of mine. But before that I will certainly check the code you wrote . Wouldn't be cool If I didn't right? I wish you all the luck with your exams
  13. Awesome! Still at work too, got ten more minutes to survive. But will check that out and Like to see that sprite. But what if you just attach the script to a regular sprite object in the editor ? That way it just will work right ?
  14. Give the armor itself bones as your character has them. Let the bones attach to the ones corresponding with eachother.
  15. Will try it when I arrive home. Still working :/
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