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  1. Hello, It's said there's no such thing as a stupid question. Still, I feel like this might be an exception to that... Just was wondering if there's any harm to deleting the default materials, models, etc in a "Blank Project", if I'm not planning on using any of it? I don't know if anything in the editor/engine relies on those being there. So, I figured I'd ask. Thanks
  2. Hello, I've tried looking around the site, and on Steam, but can't find any info about this... Is there a way to pre-order/purchase Leadwerks 5, and/or access the Beta? I'm a LW4 owner currently, if that's a requirement. Or is it by invite only? Thanks
  3. That will probably be a huge help. I wasn't even aware that option existed. Thanks!
  4. Hello, Sorry if this sounds like a silly question, but I honestly have been unable to find an answer. Is there any kind of pure Select tool in LW editor that takes you out of create mode, and only lets you select objects in the scene? I can't seem to find it if there is. No matter what I select, or what pane I'm in (Scene, etc), I have to click exactly on an object, or I get the cursor to create whatever I did last, like the crosshairs for a light entity, etc. Is there any way to escape completely out of create mode? Thanks
  5. Hey all, Thanks for the replies! Yeah, I've tried the "learn to program by just programming", but that leaves me scratching my head 'cause I'm not sure where to start, and don't know what the right questions even are to ask lol. I guess I'll just have to dig in and see what I can do.
  6. Hello, I have a fairly straight-forward question here... For those who have learned, or who are learning Lua via Leadwerks, and are finding success in the process, what resources/methods are you using to learn? I've been trying to learn, and can't seem to find a method that works for me, where what I'm doing "clicks". Online courses aren't doing it for me, because I'm finding there aren't very many good instructors out there. Wondering if maybe others have some suggestions that I haven't tried yet. Thanks
  7. Old topic, I know.. but this thread came up on Google when I was doing a search for the Blitz line of products. Sad to see Blitz is no more, but it seemed all attention was being put into the Monkey line of products. Regarding your comparison of it to Torque, that's very spot on. Another "interesting" example, is the shenanigans the creator of C4 pulled with their engine. They "discontinued" C4, re-branded it as "Tombstone", marketed and sold it as a new product. It's literally the same engine, same editor, same demos even... only with features that were slated to be added to C4
  8. Well, not really. You interpreted it that way. I didn't mean it that way. By first-hand understanding, it could be Josh (as someone who's programmed and, by extension, used such a system), as well as anyone else with experience using any of those other systems to an extent where they could say, for example, "for UE4 it makes sense how they do it because their system allows "this or that" which other editors don't, so they can get away with a simpler approach". It could literally just be that someone has had enough hands-on time with given editors to grasp why they're set up the way they are
  9. Too odd of a question, I guess? Or too elusive of a reason, perhaps? I'm just wondering if it just comes down to "this is just the route "Developer Here" chose to reach the same destination", or if there's really something more to it than that.
  10. Thought I'd start this topic to see if I could get some informative insight to something. I'd recently been checking out Unreal Engine 4, Lumberyard (Crytek 3 I think?), Unity, and some other engines... basically looking for one that would best 'fit me like a glove' for prototyping and/or developing a full game. It's basically down to LW or Unity for me at this point... each has its pros and cons that I'm sorting through. It struck me how wildly complex some engines are in the area of terrains and terrain materials, compared to others. For example, with engines like Leadwerks and Neoa
  11. A nifty video clip of running around in the environment I showed a couple posts back, with a very rough and ugly texturing job. Didn't want it to just look like rock everywhere. Need to work on how I want to texture these large set pieces for the final version. I'd like to use a vertex-blended multitexture approach; which I assume can be done with a shader, though I don't know if one exists, yet. That approach would allow for much better texture resolution. I know it's not much to look at, but thought I'd share it anyway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVBl8q1-R3s
  12. Some very early work, showing the top floor/entrance to a small "sub-environment" of a zone in a game project I'm (slowly) working on. Just wanted to see how it might look in-engine, for scale. Seems a tad on the large side, now, but that's 'cause it's empty. There'll be more "breaking it up" when it's complete.
  13. Well that did the trick! I tried searching for the issue, but just couldn't seem to get the right combo of words I guess. "Digital snow" hadn't occurred to me. Anyhow, that got rid of it. Thanks!
  14. So, having finally made my way back to seriously pursuing game design, thanks to an extended detour courtesy of "Real Life", I've decided to dive back into LW. In the interim, I've upgraded my PC a bit. Anyway, I downloaded the demo to dive back in and refamiliarize myself with it, and upon loading up the editor, I'm greeted with this: Click Here What this picture doesn't illustrate is that the "noise" is actually animated. It's rather like a snowy screen due to poor UHF reception "back in the day" (aging myself here a bit perhaps ). I've tried checking various things at this e
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