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  1. On 6/17/2017 at 6:59 PM, Josh said:

    I'm afraid this is too vague.  There are thousands of people using this program, and if there was a problem with basic operations everyone would know it.

    I know it's vague. That's why I'm having troubles.

    Thing is, THAT'S ALL IT TELLS ME. 

    However, the 4.4 update seemed to fix it.

  2. Every time I try start Leadwerks it opens fine. I can mess with my projects and drag stuff around, create shapes, etc. But, whenever I try to do ANYTHING with the sidebar, such as changing texture or importing a model, it crashes instantly with "Bank Resize Error."

    I've already googled this and tried every solution I found, which included restarting your PC and uninstalling/reinstalling the game, to no avail. 

  3. I'm creating a horror game and am having trouble with doors.


    The main location is a house with swinging doors in it, and no matter what I do to the scene details, I keep walking right through the doors. I've tried every modification I can, and for some reason I can't fix it! I don't know if I'm just overlooking a simple mistake or if I made a mistake that I really don't know the solution to.


    Any help, guys?


    (Scene details below.)





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