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  1. Honestly, that's how I first started using Unity3D, so I think it would help just as a game, not any of the code being released in the engine, but merely to show what the engine can do. Also, this will motivate people with no experience in game making at all to try and get their hands dirty.
  2. Hmm, okay. This is aa bit off topic, but I was curious as to what Josh thought of Cryengine 3, both in general and in comparison to Leadwerks3D/engine. Maybe someone already asked this though. If this is so than ignore this, I'll probably come across that post sometime.
  3. That's good to hear. What about the cross-platform interaction??? That's something that I really want to do, but if it's not something that is likely to be supported/possible than I'd be curious as to why. Thanks for the replies.
  4. One thing that I would like, is to have the ability to export a project to multiple platforms from one project file. Something similar to the way Unity3D does it. Also, I don't know if this is something that doesn't need to be coded into the engine or programmed by the developer, but a way for there to be cross platform interaction. e.g. a multiplayer game with OSX and Windows users in one match, or IOS and Android in one match, etc. also, as a 3D artist, I think that many people may like a similar layout to Maya. not exactly as it is set up, but just how the menu hierarchy is. Any thoughts, crits, suggests?
  5. steam has an SDK for it so its open source to an extent. my guess is that they want it to work with as many games as possible therefor with a lib or something it would work in LE
  6. if the engine is strong in all aspects, than most anyone will be comfortable getting started on a project. and from what i can tell, thats part of what josh plans.
  7. ConradAlistair


    this would be really helpful
  8. that would be really helpful. nice idea.
  9. i found a really cool GUI system. UDK is using it now and i think it looks really easy and advanced. here is the link: Scaleform GFX
  10. wow i didn't think this post of mine would grow into what it is now AND be at the top of the Feature Request catagory anyways...i think a feature id like in 3.0 is simply a stand alone 3ds to gmf converter rather than usind uu3d or 3ds max. i dont know if thats what id want the most though
  11. i havent touched the editor.ini file. something went wrong wheni updated to 2.32
  12. even after all of what you guys have said, i still believe that the features in the video would be a great addition to the editor. however the statement about modelers and level designers having very different jobs makes sense.
  13. also another reason to have tools like this in the LE editor, is that its always nice to have everything in one. there isn't as much converting, transferring and scaling. also this would help LE win the hearts of more game developers through good eye-candy.
  14. i understand what you guys have said, but i wasn't just looking at the structure building stuff, i was also looking at the decals that were being put directly on the house model and all the other manipulation tools in that vid. and i have a quick question: is it possible to make plug-ins for any of the leadwerks tools? i know you cane get library's
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