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  1. Not being able to run/debug the game. I have tried to repair/uninstall and reinstall the dependency for C++2015 update 3. Now let me explain my problem with debug/run. The debug screen works I can see FPS/ polygon count/ memory usage etc... however I am unable to actually move around when using the FPS scene with the player prefab. I can hear the steps, just unable to even move around the map. I feel that there is a small adjustment I need to make. I am unable to run as Admin, because of the shortcut that Steam uses for the Steam Client Bootstrap. Also once I Run/Debug I am then locked int
  2. snofox

    Drive Migration

    I am unable to fully install Leadwerks Game Engine on a second drive, it keeps wanting to move things to OS_Primary_drive(C:) when I had Steam install it on application_drive(D:), even during the setup I had to chage the drive and it still wants to save screenshots to the OS_Primary_drive(C:) even after I modify the "Leadwerks.cfg" line 63 "screenshotfile" location. If I could get some help on this as well that would save me a ton, it's just a pain having files on separate drives. Thank you. Note: examples of drives used are not the physical names just to help for a visual on what is g
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