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  1. v1.21 has fixed the crash whilst putting out the fire I'll have a proper play later on a give any additional feedback. - Matt.
  2. My crash on Nvidia GTX660, latest drivers etc. - Matt.
  3. Hi, This worked fine until I tried to put out the fire. Clicked on the fire extinguisher in my inventory, the fire went out, a 'whoosh' sfx played and it the crashed to desktop. No error message or any kind of dump feedback so I'm afraid I can't give any further info, apologies. I'll try the next build you have as I do like these kind of games - Matt.
  4. No game can be described as easiest or any other similar word for that matter I don't mean to place a black mark over any Community Project, but I think you all know that it won't get completed; a game of any description is far too large in scope, especially when people are off doing other things such as 'life'. Why don't you all get together to work on a single piece of missing functionality for LE... like a really good GUI system (anything really, just something that could be completed <- and that is the key here, and given to the community for all to use). Like I said, i'm n
  5. This is a common issue with .psd's. not sure about LE but I get the same issues with psd and Unity. Creating an actual Alpha channel instead of using the transparent background is a necessity. Like you have found png and tga handles transparency differently, but the doesn't help when you want to retain layers for fast on the fly editing.
  6. Is it code or assets you are trying to protect? There are things out there like exe-packager et al. which takes all your data and the exe and makes a single package. Some of these let you encrypt etc. The problem is that a lot of these un-pack your stuff upon running to a temporary area and then delete this when your game ends. That sounds all good, but there is nothing stopping a person going into that area whilst the game is running and getting your assets anyway. TBH, I wouldn't worry about anyone taking anything... if people want to they will anyway. The only issues you really
  7. @YouGroove - I wish someone would ban you from here. Will you stop posting noise in this forum, OffTopic or not, and just get on with your game. Does having a high number of posts 'get you off'? Serious though, just get on with some dev will you... try and not post for 3 days (i bet you can't)!
  8. @MikeClarke - just ignore YouGroove, he is being a tit! @YouGrove - Wind the neck in. Less capitals & bold, and well, be nice; it's not hard.
  9. I thought you were talking bollocks... Just an idea, but... Maybe less typing in this forum and more typing code in your game. Just a thought ;-)
  10. What other forums have strange behaviour from their admins regarding Leadwerks 3? I frequent most, Unity, Shiva, Esenthal etc and haven't read anything.... You're not infected with LE3 fanboy'itis are you?
  11. Goodbye for the last time. i wish you all well, and was thinking of returning to LE3, but i am fed up by the blinkered attitudes of some.

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    2. Paul Thomas

      Paul Thomas

      His posts were deleted after or during the ban hammer.

    3. gamecreator


      Kind of funny that that thread started out as something extremely helpful, gathering information for people.

    4. David Will

      David Will

      Hmm, just take a professional approach to the whole situation- there's always going to be people who you disagree with and in turn those who will disagree with you- I'd say it was a bit drastic to ruin future developments with Leadwerks over something like this.

  12. Canadian, why don't you just give it a rest - take a day off your horse!. I for one are sick to the back teeth of 'your opinions' on what is best etc! And your know it all attitude on what is maximum support, speed and FUN?! Jeez, the winter nights must just fly by in your house! C++ is like an ex-girlfriend. When you see her again, you are full of nice memories and nostalgia. 15 mins later you realise just why you split up in the first place. Maybe we should all use your SuperBasic which has even better support, speed, and inevitably more, FUN! (Rolling eyes)
  13. I thought we were talking about collaborations and team work?!
  14. The phrases 'Complete MMO tools and engine easy to use' should never be uttered together. No small team, let alone an individual developer will make a MMO. Yes, there are indie games made by one person, but the majority aren't. I don't believe Minecraft is a good example.... is there any non-programmatically made art in there?! and even that is more than one person now i believe.
  15. This is probably the truest and most false statement for describing 'the indie world'. Yes, you need a leader that will see the project to completion who can see 'both sides' of the programming/art divide... but talent does fit into boxes, and far more than 2! Audio, marketing etc. I don't like these personal attack type posts, but i have to say Scarlet you do seem to be 'way off line'. Yes, there are people in the indie world who can wear all the hats - i know personally that i have produced practically everything for my current game... but, i know i'm not the best at all the roles. I w
  16. Open up your email and total up just how many people have asked this over the last year? 10, 100, 1000? (yes, i am only pulling your leg). I know you are passionate about OOP, C++ and all the rest, but 99.999999% of mobile devs probably aren't. Kids making Temple Run clones will probably struggle with drag and drop and a bit of scripting, let alone C++ and OOP; and this is the market i guess you need to tap into to make it a success; maybe you have other plans. Who are you thinking of targeting/and is going to buy LE3 (with regards to mobile dev)?
  17. You have to think back to when Leadwerks first appeared (sorry, i'm not sure when you joined the throng). I'm talking maybe 3+ years ago. At that time there weren't any high quality renderers out there. A lot of us were probably playing with Darkbasic, the c++ version or irrlicht etc. None of these had realtime shadows etc. Then we saw Leadwerks and went WOW! For once, we (in our bedrooms) could make scene like the pros did. That is what i meant by the fantasy of AAA (and we are talking before AAA was even a term probably). Not even sure where this paragraphs is aiming at?!... I'm try
  18. I'm sorry to say but i think the situation will be exactly the same for LE3 for the reasons stated in replies above. I remember a thread that started a while ago titled, "What are you going to make with LE3?" (or a similar title). I think someone should start a thread titled, "What have you finished with LE2 in the x number of years it's been out?" but I don't think there would be many posts. The nature of the renderer pulled people to LE who had the romantic notion of making a AAA game or similar; and for obvious reasons - the realtime shadows etc. For small teams and hobby users everyone
  19. Jesus Josh LE3 better be good! Your comments to people are so 'blazzey', plus the fact that previously you stated that LE3 will offer something to mobile that has never been seen before (I'm not quoting verbatim here), that you had better deliver.
  20. I'm sorry but you are wrong. Yes, the market is full of 2D **** games, and yes, people DO buy them. Mobile is about casual gaming. sitting on a train/bus playing. Retro 2D is the new modern. To say there are no decent 3D on mobile is also false.... have you not seen Shadowgun?!
  21. On a personal note, I Ieft LE to do mobile dev using Unity a few years ago (so i can see both sides of the coin) and i'm looking to come back! LOL! It is not a money holy grail everyone seems to think. The mobile indie market is dying. I am getting frustrated with Unity's mobile mission, and what do i find... LE is going the same way. We don't NEED advanced features for mobile, don't you see. million+ copies sold of a 2D scroller and you are worried about 'advanced features'. All you need is to *get out there and do it*. Realtime shadows, higher poly counts etc only bring higher
  22. I'm sorry Josh but that is just daft. Just because *you* don't like people comparing their idea of a product, doesn't mean they don't. Unless you tell, people will continue to compare and get incorrect ideas/thoughts. My worry is if we *continue to wait* to see the actual program it will be too late.
  23. I'm sorry but this is just not correct. Infact, if you had gone past the Unity website a few weeks ago you could have got an iOS and Android license for free... before you start saying pro is required, then it's not, but we wont go down that argument. So, it's actually $400 or $800 if you want both Android and iOS. Yet again it's the Metatron stats telling everyone some gospel. Even if $5000 was the cost, so what...?!... it's cheap, very cheap... if you believe in your project, which you must do if it is to succeed. What's $5000 if you sell 1million units @ $1.99, and i know guys who have.
  24. I think you assume too much, LOL! But joking aside, there is a difference in Print "Hello World!" and Use Leadwerks Initialize Graphics CreateFramework TMesh cube = CreateCube TCamera camera = GetLayerCamera GetFrameworkLayer 0 MoveEntity camera, Vec3(0,0,-5) While Not KeyHit UpdateFramework RenderFramework Flip End Terminate (* I grabbed the code from one of your posts and assume it is taken from SuperBasic) My point is, people are still going to have to investigate in the docs/API what Graphics is and CreateFramework etc. If they have the commitment to do this in
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