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  1. I would also give a big thank's for the recomandations on where to read/watch up on game math. It turns out I learned this math 15 years ago, but couldent find any use for it. Now I do.
  2. I'm also interested in knowing the basics of vector calculus. Do any of you know of some good sites that have something like "Game math for dummies"?
  3. I've searched the great Internet for a TCP server that handles multiple connections. And everyone uses a separate thread for each connection. After some trial and errors I think I've found a solution that uses two threads, where the second handles the communication. Some information before I start. Have been using VB.Net since its my «native» language For C# user it should be fairly easy to follow. When it comes to other languages I hope it will nudge you in the right direction. The .Net version is 4.5, but I think its more or less the same down to 2.0 Since VB.Net doesn't use a C langua
  4. Thanks Cris and Flex. The technique I was thinking about, was to change a texture at runtime. And that it could be generated from any picture source into DDS and placed onto an entity (most likely a cube). I haven't been doing much with this buffer thingie, but I'll read me up on it. I'll Also look into Theora, although never used LUA The set color thing have most likely saved me allot of time Thanks for the response Zellpop
  5. I have a project going where I need to show dynamic content on the screen. At the startup of the program I don't know what I'll be showing, but I know I'll be getting information and pictures from Facebook and other sources. The content depends on voting and wishes form users Is there a good way to dynamically generate the DDS files so I can be showing content in a 3D space enviroment? Just using the "flat" DrawText is bit boring in this case Guess I can use a pack of 3D letters and animate them in LW. But still would like to import pictures on the fly Here is a link to show what I wo
  6. You might get some ideas for some game art here

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    2. flachdrache


      hehe - "The Abandoned City Hall Subway Stop" -> TheDarkness

    3. flachdrache


      I used to collect those and i used to do photo mods like these "exposure blends" some years ago .. there's even a plugIn / filter theGimp available.

    4. Zellpop


      @GC, no Im currently doing something else. But I hope I can be using LW as a front end for my project. I have a post in programming forum

  7. Hi .net peoples of Leadwerks. I'm making a game (but who isn't) and have met some obstacles on the way, and are hoping that someone here can nudge me in the right direction. First som info about the game. Its a 3D platform game where you drive/roll/jump around the world using a Sphere or similar gadget/device. Controlling: W forward, S break, Space jump and right mouse button down for steering with the mouse left right. After reading the online documentation Im still a tad lost. The Local axis(sphere) ends up all over the place as a result of the rolling. So I found AddBodyTorque as
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