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  1. So... i have sounds, i downloaded them to the leadwerks project im using them with.. they are wav. format... now on my media player the sounds work but in leadwerks when i go to run or debug it gives the error "failed to load sound, Unsupported bit rate 24" anyone know what that means/how to fix?
  2. how do we check this? what line is it at? im having this issue and i fixed everything else.. it just likes moving backwards.. (yes the navmesh works and yes the physics are set right i just need this tid bit of info on this one..) UPDATE: i figured it out.. some days im pretty sure im blind.. thanks mackle
  3. Hi.. id like to try to make acid.. but im not really sure how to go about it and i couldnt find any article on it as a starting point.. perhaps someone would be kind enough to give me an idea of what to set up and how for an acid pool? (basically standing acid in a container... will have to be colored.. and ill have to figure out smoke particles for it.. (i suck at both but anyway..)) but yeah if anyone could help give ideas or a solve id be so thankful
  4. so.. question, why have that as an option even?.. the point of it i would have thought was that.. no offense but i would have figured and took it to mean that you could do one of the following: 1 make it public and let everybody in, 2 limit it to just friends, 3 private, no one sees it.. so whats the point if the friends option is just outright missing and the private one does basically nothing?
  5. So I decided to publish my game.. for starters when i went to do so the "friends only" option was disabled.. so i went private as it wasnt ready for full scale release yet, i was just testing it to see how it would look in the game launcher as a whole.. so published it.. and it did show up in workshop but not on the game launcher.. so i dont know what happened.. is there something im not doing right? i used the publish button thats under the file tab in the top task bar, i set it to steam workshop.. set it to private and checkmarked the "only used items" thing.. yet no matter where i look its not in the game launcher for leadwerks.. leaving me confused as to what im supposed to do..
  6. update, it seems for some reason it removed the fps player script from the player item.. i readded it and it worked again
  7. So ever since upgrading to the latest beta ive been unable to run games in debug or run mode, not only that but when i reverted back im still no longer able to debug or run my game.. please advise.. the game ran PERFECTLY until i tried to update to the latest beta on steam then it went completely crazy..
  8. could i have a key then?.. im having the same issue with my game..
  9. So i tried to play some games made in leadwerks, kinda browse what other people had made.. (settings for game launcher are: 1920x1080, no fullscreen, and no debug mode..) and i was crashing alot.. is there a better res for this? i noticed it really doesnt like full screen..i tried zombies and house of pain
  10. heres an idea i bet the comunity would love, so make a gun script, and this script should include the damage, fire rate, amount of mags, and ammo in each mag... kinda like how you can modify the fps player values without actually getting into the coding itself..
  11. could i have that grenade script please? lol im trying to make a grenade that explouds and does damage in a radius.. im really not good at scripting..
  12. so I notice while running if you shoot with any weapon in the fps pack you shoot yourself.. is there a fix or patch for this?..
  13. i figured it out, thanks, i had to save my materials specifically to a spot in order for it to show, it now works perfectly, thank you.
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