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  1. Furbolg

    C++ entity structure

    Not if you use your own namespace, then you could write something like: Cassius::Actor player; But please dont use this ugly using Namespace [theNamespace];
  2. Furbolg

    C++ entity structure

    Wow you really start to understand that C++ is not simple C with classes. Now give us the improved terrain editor and multiple scripts and we are all happy. And have a look at C++11/13 std::bind, std::function etc.
  3. Furbolg

    Happy New Year

    Hey Leadwerkers, i wish you happy new year
  4. Furbolg

    Hello Leadwerks

    Willkommen Mitprogrammierer Bei Fragen wird dir meistens weitergeholfen, ist echt eine nette Community.
  5. Furbolg

    Leadwerks Game Tournament 2

    I'm struggling if i should take part on it.. i would like to but got very little time for my idea....
  6. Furbolg

    Leadwerks Game Tournament 2

    YouGroove... sometimes i wish... It's about creating a game/demo/whatever fitting to the topic. I think it's made for fun not for professional competition. We will see how many great games we will get in the end.
  7. Welcome to Leadwerks! Just a wish from my side: Please stay civizilized. I use windows and linux - both have their advantaged and disadvantages but i won't support this modern "I bash windows/linux [/insert any product] because it's cool / my friends say also" flames. To be honest if there weren't so many great products for Windows (Visual Studio, Games ...), i would swap right now because the direction microsoft goes isn't mine.
  8. Furbolg

    Leadwerks Game Tournament 2

    Which programming languages allowed ?
  9. Furbolg

    Portal prototyping

    How about a simple boolean variable for each portal that is changed after the player stopped colliding ?
  10. I hope this will also come with an (paid) update (3.2 or so), otherwise it would start to go ridiculous. (Windows/Mac HAVE TO bake for 64 Bit Support)
  11. Furbolg

    To oop or not to oop?

    Sorry but this really sounds funny to hear from you, because you dont use private, protect etc.
  12. Furbolg

    Developing for ios before license

    You can't assume that any of his friends/relatives have a mac.
  13. Furbolg

    Developing for ios before license

    Jesus YouGroove.... you still need a mac for this but i guess karmacomposer dont want to buy a mac and pay 99$ p. a. for developer license (you need it to deploy on iOS Store).
  14. Furbolg


    Congratz Josh!