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  1. Not if you use your own namespace, then you could write something like: Cassius::Actor player; But please dont use this ugly using Namespace [theNamespace];
  2. Wow you really start to understand that C++ is not simple C with classes. Now give us the improved terrain editor and multiple scripts and we are all happy. And have a look at C++11/13 std::bind, std::function etc.
  3. Furbolg

    Happy New Year

    Hey Leadwerkers, i wish you happy new year
  4. Furbolg

    Hello Leadwerks

    Willkommen Mitprogrammierer Bei Fragen wird dir meistens weitergeholfen, ist echt eine nette Community.
  5. I'm struggling if i should take part on it.. i would like to but got very little time for my idea....
  6. YouGroove... sometimes i wish... It's about creating a game/demo/whatever fitting to the topic. I think it's made for fun not for professional competition. We will see how many great games we will get in the end.
  7. Welcome to Leadwerks! Just a wish from my side: Please stay civizilized. I use windows and linux - both have their advantaged and disadvantages but i won't support this modern "I bash windows/linux [/insert any product] because it's cool / my friends say also" flames. To be honest if there weren't so many great products for Windows (Visual Studio, Games ...), i would swap right now because the direction microsoft goes isn't mine.
  8. Which programming languages allowed ?
  9. How about a simple boolean variable for each portal that is changed after the player stopped colliding ?
  10. I hope this will also come with an (paid) update (3.2 or so), otherwise it would start to go ridiculous. (Windows/Mac HAVE TO bake for 64 Bit Support)
  11. Sorry but this really sounds funny to hear from you, because you dont use private, protect etc.
  12. You can't assume that any of his friends/relatives have a mac.
  13. Jesus YouGroove.... you still need a mac for this but i guess karmacomposer dont want to buy a mac and pay 99$ p. a. for developer license (you need it to deploy on iOS Store).
  14. Furbolg

    DirectX 11.2

    I dont care if a new windows version gets a new directx version, i could just puke about the limitation to that actual windows (dx10 only vista+...). YouGroove it depends on the view, for you dx 10 => dx11 isnt a jump, for me it is (there are some improvements in the API). But yea Microsoft has the chance to create something really good but they dont want to (dx11 for older windows version, c# (.NET) crossplatform, xbox one without spycam etc.). It's all about the money, isnt capitalism great....
  15. Furbolg

    DirectX 11.2

    Thats one reason i probably switch to linux when windows 9 will go more into this direction (pc = non gaming, all stuff in cloud ...)
  16. Hi aggror (we spoken last night about it so its just a remembering) It's hard to tell where the problem comes from, here are some simple tips: - Every new requires an delete (as xtreampb has written) - Every new [] requires an delete[] Texture* arrayoftextures = new Texture[20]; delete[] arrayoftextures; // instead of delete - Use c++ constructors and destructors - Use the stack (CConsole myconsole instead of CConsole* myconsole = new CConsole when possible) - Avoid static/singletons when possible (same as global variables) There are plenty ways to detect a leak, to be honest i haven't done it for some time. As i remember you can use some CRT functions or overwrite the new/delete operators to create an allocation list.
  17. Uhm sorry im not to deep in linux dev but as far as i know you cant "port" some code automatically with a tool. Linux executables, dll's and librarys (i know they called different) work different to windows.
  18. That's a natural process in my opinion, when you lose your motivation for a moment to work on the main project then you can start some other tasks. I don't think it's a bad way to develop, every "sub"-project takes you a step further for the "real/big" project. Its a good way of testing/proofing concepts/ideas to start a new (smaller) project and work it out. I do it the same way with networking / threading. But in my case, the "real" project hasn't started yet, because i got not so much time within the week. So i started some smaller Tasks (heh networking is small, isn't it ... nah, it's not but i did some networking some years ago in blitzbasic (2D), VC6++ and i have a realistic (simple) target, i dont want to copy raknet) and the "real" project will start in my vacation (when terrain is avaiable hopefully ).
  19. Uhm nope... you ignored the context aggror has made his statement. He says you haven't finished a simple game for windows/mac(/linux) which is quite easier then programming for a console.
  20. Rick, i think its a lot more then this. Take a look at their homepage, steering, perception etc. etc.
  21. Dont think so, because the creator of the plugin Pixel Perfect is no longer under the leadwerkers.
  22. Ok but someguys order LE2.5 because you said its cheaper then buying Leadwerks 3D directly.... how about that ?
  23. Hi YouGroove! From my personal view (just my personal OPINION !!! ), its not about the price. I bought several Visual Studio Editions, Camtasia, Burning Software..... etc. For me its about not honoring the community/userbase, why ? The Kickstarter guys get for 100$ : Leadwerks 3D lua + c++ on linux (i didn't needed macintosh....) 200$ : Leadwerks 3D lua + c++ on 3 platforms (win, mac, linux) I can life with the 3.1 thing because these guys have to wait ~6 month, but why do they get more/cheaper stuff than the old community/fanbase which allowed to create this leadwerks success ? I just hope the OpenGL 4 update won't go over 200$
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