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  1. any news on a fix for this?
  2. Hi Josh, I've been running into a lot of issues lately with Visual Studio Express; Installations become corrupted very easily, and if you need to install previous versions to 2013, one installation breaks the other so you end up in an endless loop of uninstalling-reinstalling with lots of remnants on the system that in the end make the programs impossible to install. Would it be possible when creating a new C++ project to have a Codeblocks+Mingw template (as in Linux)? This would also make the projects cross-compatible, and I don't know how much .net-dependent do projects become when using MS Visual Studio. Wouldn't it be better to keep them as C++/clean as possible? Let me know if it's viable. regards, Alvaro
  3. Thanks a lot Josh. It's all working fine now.
  4. Ubuntu 14.04 using cinnamon desktop, no problems.
  5. Hi guys, When trying to build the default project created I get the following errors: -------------- Build: Release in borrate (compiler: GNU GCC Compiler)--------------- g++ -o ../../borrate ../../Source/App.o ../../Source/main.o -s ""/home/afecelis/.steam/steam/SteamApps/common/Leadwerks Game Engine"/Library/Linux/Release/Leadwerks.a" -lopenal -lGL -lGLU ""/home/afecelis/.steam/steam/SteamApps/common/Leadwerks Game Engine"/Library/Linux/libluajit.a" ../../libsteam_api.so -lX11 -lpthread g++: error: /home/afecelis/.steam/steam/SteamApps/common/Leadwerks: No such file or directory g++: error: Game: No such file or directory g++: error: Engine/Library/Linux/Release/Leadwerks.a: No such file or directory g++: error: /home/afecelis/.steam/steam/SteamApps/common/Leadwerks: No such file or directory g++: error: Game: No such file or directory g++: error: Engine/Library/Linux/libluajit.a: No such file or directory Process terminated with status 1 (0 minute(s), 0 second(s)) 6 error(s), 0 warning(s) (0 minute(s), 0 second(s)) I don't know if it has to do with Leadwerk's folder being called "Leadwerks Game Engine" and not "Leadwerks" only?
  6. Thanks for commenting and thanks for the link and info Haydenmango. Gonna check them right away.
  7. When you check out Rick's available schedule acuityscheduling.com will synchronize it with your GMT zone, if not you can simply change it to where you're located. Find a time, hit him hard! lol
  8. afecelis

    Mac version?

    +1 to mac version Leadwerks 3.2
  9. Hi guys, Using the model I've tried out ever since the days of Leadwerks 1.0, I decided to give the blender export a go and... It works great for static models! Mdl is perfect, .tex and .mat files are exported seamlessly, all nice and smooth! Hoora! Long gone are the days of converting stuff in unwrap 3d pro! Now I need help some with transparent materials as for the glass and the water. Are there any nice shaders out there for them? Also, Is there a nice tree-pack to grab/buy somewhere for Leadwerks? Or is there a humble soul willing to share some trees and shrubs, humanity will be eternally grateful!
  10. It's -33% on steam's summer sale. Offer ends soon. US$168 istead of $250, great opportunity.
  11. Confirmed here too. Works ok in grid mode.
  12. Gonna get serious with developing my Lua skills. Rick, get me a 2000 hour discount package! Unreal engine 4, tremble in fear!

    1. Rick


      :) It was very nice meeting you and I look forward to helping
    2. afecelis
  13. Hey Rick! Thanks a lot, the first class was excellent. I'm scheduling the next one right away. Thanks also for the patience and the clear explanations. regards, Alvaro
  14. Hey Chris! Thanks a lot for your help and guidance, I was able to create my own skyboxes again! I hope to share some of them soon on the workshop.
  15. Nice! Thanks a lot ChrisV! What are you creating them with? Terragen? Bryce? Keep'em coming! I'd love some blue skies with clouds.
  16. whoops! my bad! I apologize for bumping into the thread, but I just looked at the month in the last post (June) and assumed it was recent.
  17. Yessssssss! That did it! Thanks a lot ChrisV So it's even simpler to create a skybox now in Leadwerks 3.2! And I can still leave the posteffects pack attached to the player, turn off its skybox and still be able to use the other shader fx! cool! this is what I love about these forums! regards, Alvaro
  18. Brilliant idea Rick! I'll be bothering you soon
  19. Indeed, but it's only a problem with the posteffects pack. I ran a couple of tests. 1. Removing the skybox from the script's options: The bamboos show up OK: 2. Creating a big box on top of the level and adding the skybox.texture.mat to it: bamboos show up ok, but then I get no lighting (from the directional light) inside. (the lighting at the end is an occlusion effect more than real illumination).
  20. Hi guys, I imported some models from the workshop and the posteffects pack found here: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/files/file/485-posteffect-pack-with-manager/ The post effects work fine and its script manager in the scene tab is awesome, however, when I drop the bamboo models and run the game, any part of the model that intersects with the skybox disappears: Also, to group the bamboos, I created a pivot and used it as an empty to put the models inside, but after doing this the bamboos stopped casting shadows. Is there another way to create an empty or groups? regards, Alvaro F. Celis
  21. Seems like blender's next version (2.71) will include a lot of improvements aimed at engine-compatibility options: http://code.blender.org/index.php/2014/06/supporting-game-developers-with-blender-2-71/ @Brent Taylor: I totally feel your pain. I once (loooong ago...) bought 3dsmax (version4), then Autodesk started bombing me with its yearly update/upgrade policies. I was only able to pay till version 6, afterwards it was bye-bye 3dsmax and I started replacing my workflow with Blender. It was the best decision I ever made. Blender is very capable and has gotten even better in the fields it used to be weak. Its UI can be a bit cumbersome, but once you get the hang of it there's no limits to what you can do with the software. I use it mainly for architectural modeling and rendering, and I feel I'm only scratching the surface of it. Efforts like the one I posted above make you want to learn more and more about how blender can be used in other fields, in this case, game dev. Keep blender in your tools's drawer. It will always come in handy, and it won't cost a penny, and with the upcoming Leadwerks exporter the future looks bright. As a final note, I fell in love with Modo, exactly for the feeling I got from its devs and customer support, even now that they've been bought by thefoundry, they still keep a very close and personal relationship with the customer. I bought it because of its price and its feature set, and funnily, because it has this "blenderesque" approach of doing things! It even uses python as scripting language (like blender) and its interface feels pretty similar too, however, I'm not as prolific in Modo as I am in blender in terms of architectural modeling and rendering skills, but I'm also glad to count with a pro software in my arsenal regards, Alvaro
  22. Josh, where are we to post bugs? I got a couple of things to report so far. 1. I launched the engine using the "launcher" executable and it didn't ask for my account/login info, it just went straight to the level editor. 2. WASD navigation is not working in the 3d viewport, nor is the middle mouse wheel to zoom in/out (but it works ok in the 2d viewports). regards, Alvaro
  23. Way to go Josh! Thanks a lot, downloading and testing
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