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  1. I have an idea, by using that technique and adding radiance from the edges of the reflection based on color detection in the first-pass, I could probably fake GI. Though, one thing with GI (VXGI), it allows for reflections. I'll probably have to add PBR before SSR (Love me some of that sweet, sweet, PBR).
  2. Yea, it gives the artist a lot more versatility without having to jump hoops too much, though it does really kill performance. Allows for better testing of maps too.
  3. Just a quick question, I've been exploring the technologies of other engines and I've seen some very unique lighting techniques for global illumination in real-time. Is there any technology implemented within the Leadwerks to allow this feature, or is there any way to implement Nvidia's tech (Voxel-based Global Illumination, as seen in the Unreal Engine) through the use of their GameWorks SDK which requires direct contact to the OpenGL implementation (I believe, don't quote me on this)?
  4. Lord Seppuku


    Thanks, sounds fine and your points are very reasonable. Would love to see you post more videos, but I will be happy to go along my merry way maintaining a version for my personal use and don't worry it won't go up on any site.
  5. Lord Seppuku


    Hey, reepblue, always have been a fan of your videos (sad, that you don't post too often), but besides that, I was wondering if I could port your Luawerks API over to C++, especially for the use of the console. I fell it would be much faster and easier to implement into C++ code that way with an added touch of security from modification in a commercial game, and also as a project for me to continue learning C++. I will give credit to you and keep the code open source and on Github. Always have been a fan on how the Source Engine console worked, I might even use it in a project I'm planning. So, how about it?
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