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  1. What about "Turbo Reality Engine"?
  2. I would seriously think long and hard about this as rebranding has in the past cost more than its worth, yes some come back from it but some companies don't. What is wrong with Leadwerks yes it's not Microsoft BUT it's remembered for the engined it has, maybe investing in advertising to get the word out maybe more prudent than rebranding to get lost in the noise of all the other "Turbo engines"?
  3. to be honest the whole Turbo thing doesn't sell to me after all Borland already done that with Turbo Fortran, Turbo Pascal, Turbo C++ and Turbo Basic. So anything language based with Turbo in the title will be associated with that. In all honesty I would seriously think about that.
  4. Cargo Joe reminds me of Super Turbo Turkey puncher 3 from Doom 3
  5. I would have something like "Lightning game engine" or "Shock game engine".
  6. I think another major thing people will want to know is what are the limitations of the base LE3 engine, LE2.5 can do LOADS of different things apart from the cross platform or low end hardware side. If LE3 cannot do half of LE2.5 then this will be seen as a half release or at worst beta.
  7. Personally to me I would do pricing like this: There would be a free version (with LE logo on startup) for non-commercial entities A per game price where it was $199 for use on one game, $299 for two, $399 for three etc. Upgrade from previous version would be $299 from LE2.x to aid transition to the new systems. Finally the $999 per product for serious developers This would make it more attractive to developers rather than just a flat $999 per package.
  8. Porting a space game to LE3 to see how it handles the project, there is loads of things that can be done with LE I want to see if procedural generated galaxies are one of them TBH I would limit it in some way maybe model count, texture sizes or item count. DBClassic limited the user to 400 lines of code which was good enough to make a simple game in and to get the feel of the engine.
  9. Well I have loads of projects on the go at any one time some are shooters other space games but they are all being worked on in unison. I find it easier to code four projects than one single one, atm I have: Leviathan - a game thats coming along real nicely. SHODAN - a process driven AI system that atm has basic search functions Spire - another game in the Dwarf Fortress/Rogue vain ie ASCII using my own engine AI - another game
  10. Excellent stuff Josh I managed to finally get the XCode after a lot of emails between me and Apple as my account kept getting locked for some reason. Now I got it I can help where possible
  11. EdzUp(GD)

    Lua Debugger

    excellent stuff
  12. ah that would explain why they are all slow thats one heck of a archive I dont think there is anything that will open then quick as the index is going to be huge.
  13. Josh have you tried 7zip ( http://www.7-zip.org/ ) it can open all archives very quickly, just remember to set the manager so it is associated with the archive. If you need a hand going though the archive I could always help if possible
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