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  1. Bah.. I actually have the enterprise version of Visual Studio 2015, now you wanna skip right to 2017 :-) ...what if I used Xamarin Studio instead?
  2. There are no drivers for the mouse I have..it is an E-Blue Mazer(gaming mouse).. it is plug and play...the program they give you is for precise mouse control and none of those fixed the problem. I tried to verify if that is actually the issue by switching to my Windows 10 with the same mouse and a fresh install of leadwerks, I was not able to verify yet..since the default maps and character controller prefabs are missing for some reason in the new version ...my issue even happened on the default maps. I tried copying my player prefab from my other project ..but it gave an error saying it was empty.. I was trying not to copy too much from my project backup in case any code I had was causing the mouse issue.
  3. Nope ...going to try deleting my project folder (made a backup) ..basically uninstall/remove everything. Maybe starting over will fix it.. it has been like this for ages (6months or more) and it is preventing me from doing anything with the engine..
  4. Tried a different mouse: Logitech M525 USB 2.0 wireless ...have the same issue..
  5. I plugged in a second monitor and my computer crashed with "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" blue screen :-P ...then when I restarted the computer none of my displays would work or 1 or both of them would flicker on and off... I finally figured out what the problem was ... I use a custom start menu/GUI to make windows 8.1 look like windows 7 ..yeah that was the issue...I removed it ...no issues now... did not expect something that simple would cause such a problem.

  6. These may be useful for anyone trying to make space games. http://wwwtyro.github.io/planet-3d/ <--limited http://wwwtyro.github.io/space-3d <---plug in the seed and press enter
  7. I use a customized Windows 8 64bit Pro, nothing else funny was going on, yes the window was active. Sorry, don't have a demo to upload atm..and sorry for the late reply, been busy. I also use a wireless 2.4g USB 3.0, 2,500 DPI mouse...highly doubt that is the issue.
    1. Rick


      I loved that show! That's a cool performance.

  8. Yeah, I load up any map with a character controller it does this: I removed it from the scene and brought it back in...same thing happens, restarted the engine, same thing happens..
  9. Great job, its looking really good, love the UI, and the weapon works as it should...keep up the good work.
    1. Roland


      By the way.. watched Independence Day Resurgence yesterday. What a mediocre Hollywood production. Stanley Kubrick would have refused the whole thing

  10. BES


    I just played it... I ..WANT...MOORE!! :-) ...that was fun...well done.
  11. From the recent pics ..Leadwerks is starting to look like a proper game engine now ...really quality looking work.

  12. I like it, good job so far, I am assuming the laggyness is just from you recording while playing, its reminding me of portal :-) .
  13. I still have the LE2.5 SDK on my system also ...still works in windows 8.1 ....still might make something out of it . The new Leadwerks 4 ...I don't like the way some of it works, like how it handles assets. and of Course the lack of other programming languages besides C++ and lua.. I understand why ...but still.
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