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  1. @Josh Thank you for your interest in this, I appreciate it very much. I've been looking at the standing animations depending on whether it lands on its back or with its chest against the ground.
  2. The first video refers to when I use SetParent, this second one I am using SetPosition and SetRotation, because that would provide the possibility to run an animation after the ragdoll effect, but it does not work correctly. Regarding what you mention, I think I could make a simple example of a hinge joint doing the ragdoll effect on a worm. I think me without knowing that possibly the joints are missing a rotation value if it is global or local. And the position and rotation updates I have no idea. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) I will make a sim
  3. When you execute the ragdoll with the initial orientation it is executed correctly, its joints work correctly, the knee bends at the correct angle, but if you change the orientation of the model, to the right for example, the leg bends in the opposite position, because the joints have global rotations.
  4. It's worth saying that I'm always struggling to learn things, and I never think I'll make a game, believe me I try, but I always stumble over something that prevents me from progressing and I find myself struggling with systems and the goal of making a game disappears. Here everything is more complicated, and that's why I love Leadwerks, for the ease it provides, but this is like solving puzzles, my hobby of programming. And always grateful to everyone who teaches me something. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  5. It is used for several things, for example to rotate the character in the direction in which the camera that follows the player is pointing and thus move in that direction. On the other hand it serves to orient the character when it is brought from an external program.
  6. Mars.rar @Josh R key to activate Ragdoll, E key to reset the character, rotate the character with the mouse. Exposed Scripts directory to see its content.
  7. Confirmed, the Radgoll is not viable in Leadwerks, rotation of joints is global and not local.  I will try it next year.https://media1.giphy.com/media/26tn97J59sw9QzW8w/200.gifhttps://media2.giphy.com/media/8FCC8TwkU4uxG/200.gif

    1. Josh


      Upload a sample we can all try. No way will I let this not get finished. :)

  8. Another drawback I have is that the joints rotate around the global coordinates, so no matter how much care I put into setting up the joints, the character in one direction executes the joints correctly, but if it is facing the other way, we have problems with one leg rotating in the opposite direction than normal. Perfect. Error.
  9. Looking at the hierarchy of the bones, when we use SetParent(nil), what happens is that those bones are orphaned. In the hierarchy some of them are related and that is what breaks the skeleton. For that reason the most viable is to use SetPosition, GetRotation, but for some reason the update is imperfect, and you have death cramps which is not natural for the ragdoll effect. More likely for a horror scene, yes. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  10. Yes, I have tried to use SetParent, nil, but it happens that the skeleton seems to be unhooked from the mesh, and from the character controller. The most viable would be to use SetPosition and GetPosition, but in what I have tried it is impossible.
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