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  1. No is GetHidden, is simple Hidden. Documentation Error. https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Widget_GetHidden
  2. Working on a 2D menu, creating a 3D scenario is not very practical because of the loading time delay. So a 2D menu would be much better, it loads much faster. These are the things that sometimes give me desire of to pass to C++ to use the threads. But not i believe that it is necessary.
  3. self.imgPanel:SetObject("backgroundcolor",Vec4(1,1,1,0))
  4. I do not know how to set an image with transparency on a button.
  5. I don't know how to establish the transparency of a miagen GUI.
  6. System:SetProperty("KeyMoveF", label:GetText()) System:SetProperty("KeyMoveB", label:GetText()) keyMoveF = System:GetProperty("KeyMoveF") I don't know if the above has anything to do with your other concern, I'm sorry I don't speak English, I use the translator.
  7. When you create a project a game settings file with the same name is created in the path. C:\Users\USERNAME>AppData\local You can retrieve and store configurations, using the commands. https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_System That is, if for some reason there is no SetProperty command where the key and value are set, for example. System:SetProperty("FullScreen",true)
  8. --##=========================================================## --## Proyecto : Mars. --## Fichero : CMenuStart.lua --## Scripter : Yue Rexie. --## Web : www.iris3dgames.xyz --## Notas : Clase de objeto MenuStart. --##==========================================================# CMenuStart = {} function CMenuStart:Create(GUI) local this = {} this.imgPanel = nil this.gPanel = nil this.btnStart = nil this.btnOptions = nil this.btnExit = nil this.base = nil this.imgMars = nil function this:Start(GUI) self.base = GUI:GetBase() self.imgMars = GUI:LoadImag
  9. AccessMars.withgoogle.com

  10. It seems that the problem is the GUI, if it is not used, it works perfectly, even if this means creating a GUI system based on the engine's own image drawing commands.
  11. Well, I think there is no solution to this, I've been at it for a long time. It's terrible for a game user and that its resolution scaling doesn't work, but I think that nothing can be done.
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