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  1. Seriously, do I have to buy again those models of boxes and the others?
  2. Any way to show the product in action in marketing is totally valid. A video showing how the product is used, highlighting its advantages, its workflow, etc. will help more than one to get to know the product better. It is proven that an image accompanied by comments is better in the mind of the interested person than something written.
  3. boxes and other models still do not appear. The
  4. I was sure I had purchased these boxes and other models, but they are not available for download unless I buy them again.
  5. The Leadwerks documentation can be downloaded for offline viewing, I will be without internet for quite a while.
  6. -- Torax. self.torax:SetPosition(self.boneTorax:GetPosition(true),false) self.torax:SetRotation(self.boneTorax:GetRotation(true),false) self.boneTorax:SetParent(self.torax,true) self.torax:SetMass(1.0) -- Externon. self.externon:SetPosition(self.boneExternon:GetPosition(true),false) self.externon:SetRotation(self.boneExternon:GetRotation(true),false) self.boneExternon:SetParent(self.externon,true) self.externon:SetMass(1.0) -- Pelvis. self.pelvis:SetPosition(self.bonePelvis:GetPosition(true),false) self.pelvis:SetRotation(self.bonePelvis:GetRotation(true),false) sel
  7. Here is my twich channel where I play, and I talk about leadwerks and other development tools. 😀 Viajero536
  8. Leadwerks Editor 4.6 - G__Leadwerks_Mars_Maps_start.map 2021-01-15 16-34-36.mp4
  9. Version 4.7 beta is broken, Josh has not had time to work on it, due to the new engine, they recommend to have version 4.6.
  10. There is some tutorial on how to make the rag doll effect. I am doing some tests, but I would like to know if anyone already has an idea in the community of the steps to follow. The idea is that the effect is activated when the character dies, and a disturbing question is : Is it possible to reverse the effect, like when in gta V you are hit by a car and then the character is reincorporated.
  11. Script.mHead = "Entity" --entity "Head Mesh" function Script:Start() --self.mHead:Hide() self.boneH = self.entity:FindChild("mixamorig_Head") end function Script:UpdateWorld() if Window:GetCurrent():KeyHit(Key.A) then self.mHead:SetPosition(self.boneH:GetPosition(),true) end end I'm trying to position a net on the player's head bone, but it's put in the middle of the world in the middle of his legs, which I'm doing wrong.
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