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  1. I think you should get the surface first. Material* material = ((Model*)player.model->GetChild(1))->GetSurface(0)->GetMaterial();
  2. I don't understand this error that the script editor returns to me. ( Model limb not found. ), Any suggestions?
  3. You can show us the model in question.
  4. April 19, commemorates the death of Jesus Christ. "Do this in remembrance of me."

    You are cordially invited.


    1. Marcousik


      thx but Is this not a sect ?

  5. In blender put the character at ground level, that a grid that this and represents the floor, put the mesh, your feet on that grid.
  6. Iris3D Games


    Test Batery - Thanks You havenphillip.mp4 The battery credits for havenphillip, that's when I understand why for a game there must be several people with different abilities.
  7. I want to support the project, but the only possible means of payment I have, is by steam. Is it possible to put a product, for example a Turbo card to be sold by steam?
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