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  1. I will continue with this project in bmx, however understanding that my computer can not give more, I guess something light if it runs without having bottlenecks. And I think that's important for at least in the development environment not to feel that it's torture.
  2. In case anyone wants to try this. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/25uzx6yefdqlf2i/AACiWj6-ClxelluEWFRB2AO3a?dl=0 The new updates to test performance was to go to an internet room and test it on a computer with a gtx 1060 i5 processor and 6 gigs on ram. It ran very well in different screen resolutions, so it's definitely my computing power problem. At this point nothing to do to continue with this.
  3. Sync Off 800 x 600 Sync Off 1024 x 768 42 fps.
  4. I have deactivated the shaders that you mention, but obviously it has to do with the screen resolution, if I use resolution greater than 800 x 600 I have bottleneck. For example if I launch the game from the editor I have a frame rate of 23 - 25, if I launch it from the executable by closing the map editor, I have 28 - 30. I think it's because it's an open world, that I have that drawback, but if I think of a closed level with rooms, walls seems to be more manageable the drawback, because what's behind the walls is not drawn until I cross that door and the other closes, then the performance remains at 60 fps. It's really hard for me to understand with this of the translator, I'm going to deactivate the vertical synchronization as you mentioned. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  5. That is to say, if I have a wall and behind that wall there is a box, and the wall has the culling occlusion option marked, then the box behind that wall is not drawn, because the camera is not being visualized?
  6. I have discovered something, if under the screen resolution of 1024 x 768 to 640 x 480, this is normalized. I suppose they are my resources, my experience as a player make me remember when I played GTA IV to the minimum of details and with the smallest screen resolution possible to have a better performance.
  7. That is to say that if you marked that option in the entity, as a mesh, that mesh is not visualized, it is not rendered when the camera is not looking at it?
  8. What I do is create prefabricated ones, drag them to the editor, copy them and create the scenario. The same happens with the character, it is loaded from the stage ( map editor ).
  9. I think the point is in my computing power, it doesn't matter anymore. Initially I had an e5400 processor and I passed it to e8400, but still this hangs.
  10. This is the best I can have in performance, however if I place more elements such as platforms columns walls at the base of the brushes, the fps begins to drop drastically. What I'm doing is creating prefabricated elements, putting them on stage and copying them and positioning ourselves to create levels.
  11. What is it really? How can I use it to improve performance levels. If I create a lot of cubes, I have performance deterioration, so if I have a single platform I don't have problems, but if I have a lot this goes down to 20 fps.
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