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  1. No matter what values you enter, the blue mesh does not appear.
  2. I'd like Environment Probes to have the climber as well as the brush. To correctly manipulate the space they occupy.
  3. I think it has to do with the rotation axes when exporting the fbx, I think it is necessary to verify in which rotation angle it is exported. Another thing is to try with the old leadwerks import tool that is in the tools directory.
  4. The only light that produces shadows, is the directional light in a land with vegetation.
  5. There was a change in the model importer, and the problem is that the model is exported from milkshape without normals, so the most practical solution is to use the oldest tool, which is within the directory of leadwerks tools. I don't really know if we will have thought about solving it, but I think that with the old tool it goes very well.
  6. Spotlight does not cast shadow on the vegetation of a terrain. Any suggestions? it only casts shadow with directional light.
  7. An example of how this type of data is used.
  8. I like this one a lot..
  9. Iris3D Games

    Terrain LE

    A simple terrain for the cover of my website.
  10. local numero = 300 function ImprimirNumero() System:Print( numero ) end ImprimirNumero() For some reason I expected the variable not to be accessible from inside the function. In the debugger I see the value of the variable, and I thought that since it was local that would be impossible, why do I have this behavior?
  11. Ok, after being banned from ByetHost, I have a very cheap paid hosting, I guess it's much better, I don't have to be suffering from inodes, not being able to make backups etc.. The payment always has its benefits and nothing is absolutely free in this life, everything has a price, whether monetary or not. https://www.iris3dgames.xyz I love the xyz, a Vec3 and on the other hand the https looks nice. 🤪
  12. My new website: https://www.iris3dgames.xyz
    Free hosting is really very limited, nothing is free, at least what they offer you commercially. Of course Leadwerks made a difference when Josh gave me a copy. :)

    1. Slastraf


      u can get a good website for a very low price (dollar or so per month) if you search for it

    2. Iris3D Games

      Iris3D Games

      There are many cheap options, but the real drawback are the payment methods, I do not have access to credit cards, bank accounts and things like that, my current hosting service provider made the difference by allowing payments through a cash pickup house called Efecty, Only with a number I go to that house and get it, the truth for three months came out very cheap 21,000 Colombian pesos, about 6 dollars, with the domain for a year. 

      Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

  13. Iris3D Games

    Moon Sky

    From my own experience, finishing a game is usually epic, in my case I learn and learn things.
  14. They've already blocked my account.
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