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  1. Yue

    What the Heck is Josh Doing?

    The least I care about is the cat. And in the end life is very simple, food, a roof and clothes to wear. The rest is left over, but in the end we can say something: "What I want, what I really need".
  2. Yue

    Full screen no working 4.6 :(

    I have it configured as a screen time. I have two types of resolutions available, one is called ULTRA HD, HD, SD. The other refers to the PC. The native is the one who merits the screen. 1024 x 768, well I think so. On resolution Pc.
  3. Yue

    Full screen no working 4.6 :(

    When scaling from 100% to 125% scale the executable cannot be launched. Nothing happens when you click on the executable. This seems to be because when you change the scale the screen resolution is no longer valid.
  4. Yue

    Full screen no working 4.6 :(

    I've tried MyGameExe, you see the cube rotating, but I can't change the resolution, i.e. when you press escape you leave the game.
  5. Yue

    Full screen no working 4.6 :(

    ok, I launched test 2, if it works properly even on full screen, however I can not change the screen resolution, because if it is at the highest supported by my monitor, well, but if I start to change down in lower screen resolution does not work. Cube Blue.
  6. Yue

    Full screen no working 4.6 :(

    Yes, I'm testing the second test that you have published, and when you change the scale in windows, from 100% to 125% the executable does not launch the test application, because apparently some resolutions when you change the screen are no longer v I will make a video...
  7. Yue

    Full screen no working 4.6 :(

    Well, I have tested Josh's test program, in 100% of Windows scale, this works well, however when I go to scale 125% this no longer works, I get the impression that by changing the scale certain resolutions are no longer valid. In other words, it is not possible to launch the test executable.
  8. Yue

    Full screen no working 4.6 :(

    You're on the road I've been on for two years.
  9. Yue

    Leadwerks Discord Channel?

  10. Yue

    Leadwerks Discord Channel?

    No, I don't remember it being that way, you can generate a general invitation for everyone with no expiration time.
  11. Yue

    Leadwerks Discord Channel?

    I can't join, it's your turn to invite us.
  12. One question that remains unanswered is whether there will be an editor for weather, rain, storms, clouds, sun, moon, ocean, etc.
  13. Yue


    I was thinking if I don't make a game with Leadwerks that's so easy, I'll never do it.