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  1. Sounds great, unfortunately I don't meet any requirements.
  2. Yue

    My new hardware system

    According to tests carried out and trying to be optimistic with this board to think that I have not been swindled. I think if it's possibly the power source. This because the board has a switch to make oc, if I increase the 10% of speed, the board is unstable, if I increase to 20 percent, the board does not start, only its fans and does not give more. Eventually this power supply costs about 35,000 Colombian pesos, a certified power supply costs 300,000 Colombian pesos and that's talking about a used power supply. So I will come in another six months for when I have the power supply and see how it goes. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  3. Yue

    My new hardware system

    It is that according to finding out, my power supply is not real, that is to say it has a voltage of 550 w, but it is a commercial price, apparently it has 250 w or 300 w, and apparently the consumption of the processor is higher than the one that had previously the e8400 dual core. So possibly that is the problem that does not start. I'm going to try what you say happens.
  4. Yue

    My new hardware system

    It is really devastating, although the computer is much faster in many ways, far from not having a card the return to Leadwerks, is indefinitely postponed. As it will be that I re-arm the other board to discard if the card had died, but it still works and that's good, but not having where to use it, it is worse than before ... One question, is it possible that the power supply doesn't cover the energy needs and that's why it doesn't work? The information I have is that I have to have certified power sources, that here is very expensive and the one I have is a generic power source that says 550 wats of power, but because it is generic it seems that it is not its real capacity. This is very regrettable. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  5. Yue

    My new hardware system

    This is unfortunate, I can not install my gtx 1050 card, video does not come out, only the fan of the card and the processor's fan rotates. The board gives video for its default vga. Any suggestions please.
  6. Yue

    My new hardware system

    https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.co/MCO-496464010-combo-amd-phenom-2-x6-1055t-board-msi-880gm-e43-ram-12-gb-oc-_JM That's what I bought, it's about to arrive, today, I guess in my little knowledge it's better than what I have now. I guess the savings were seen in about six months, and that means sacrificing other things, but I guess with my gtx 1050 card will be fine, compared to what I had before, I guess I don't earn much, or that's very expensive here in a developing country. The other question, with a 550 w power supply, will everything run smoothly? Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  7. Yue

    My new hardware system

    I was looking at solid disks, and their difference with mechanical disks, they are really very expensive, but in terms of performance they seem to be the best. I think for now I'm going to install the eighty gigas hard drive, and possibly in the future I'll get a higher capacity sata mechanical.
  8. Yue

    My new hardware system

    I have been able to update my hardware system to a more modern one in relation to the previous one. In other words, I'm not 16 years in technology anymore, but about eight or seven years. The drawback that I have, is that being dazzled with 6 cores and 12 gigas of ram, I did not notice that my hard disk of eighty gigas is IDE and not sata, like the CD players. The question is, is there some kind of sata to IDe converter? Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  9. Yue

    The laboratory

    I'm 99.9% that this would be a lot easier on Leadwerks.
  10. Yue

    The laboratory

    Map Finish for Level