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  1. Looking at and knowing more deeply Leadwerks, my concern is what is the purpose of this tool?
  2. Yue

    Function on Lua

    Hello, I have a concern, it seems that in Lua, in the Main.lua file, I have to declare the functions first before being used, right?. At the end of the file I created some functions, but I can't use them, so I had to put them in the header of the file. Is there an optional way to put them anywhere like C+++ and then use them?
  3. The idea is to make it look like this.
  4. Yue

    New Physics Features in Leadwerks 4.4

    I can't get my vehicle to reach a decent speed as it starts to bounce, am I ignoring any settings for the tires?
  5. Yue

    Glass material??

    No work here.
  6. Yue

    Glass material??

    A better alternative to this?
  7. Yue

    Glass material??

    I have to put a glass crystal in a vehicle, as I can get transparency and shine effect.
  8. Yue

    Icon of Editors

    That implies that your objects are very small, the solution is to create larger objects.
  9. When I learned to write, I was made to make the same letters over and over again on a sheet of notebook paper, not far from the idea of doing the same thing over and over again in the case of a vehicle's suspension system, and all related, shock absorber force, mass value etc.
  10. Yue

    The forklift project is impossible.

    Any suggestions for creating a composite body in the engine? I guess I'd have to put the palette together with its different boards and somehow put it together. Through joints?