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  1. havenphillip

    How to use the underwater shader?

    You don't happen to have Shadmar's shader pack that had rain and day/night cycle do you? or know where I can get it?
  2. havenphillip

    How to use the underwater shader?

    Ah ok. What's the one you were talking about earlier that comes with Leadwerks but doesn't look very good? I have the Shadmar shader. But I wanted to compare it to something else so that I can learn shaders. When I look at it it just looks like nonsense to me. I wish there were more tutorials and shader packs I could get my hands on so I could mess with them.
  3. havenphillip

    How to use the underwater shader?

    What's the underwater shader about if it doesn't do underwater? I'm talking about the one that is in the Leadwerks shaders. This one: Shaders/Water/underwater.shader
  4. havenphillip

    How to use the underwater shader?

    I tried it as a post effect but I just get a black screen. What do you make of that?
  5. havenphillip

    How to use the underwater shader?

    How to use the underwater shader? Is it like a post effect or attach it to a box or something?
  6. havenphillip

    AI Crash

    Is there anything more specific about when they crash? Is it on startup or when they die or does it happen at 14 minutes or something like that?
  7. havenphillip

    Navmesh Toggle

    I put a bunch of crawlers and crawler spawners on my map and then realize later I don't want them chasing me as I'm testing something else. For me it's just a way to toggle them on or off. I noticed if I have a navmesh and then build navmesh again, and cancel it in the middle of the build, the navmesh I have disappears. It's a minor thing but I just figured a toggle would be useful. I'd do it myself but I don't how.
  8. havenphillip

    Some HUD Elements Updated

    Cool, man. Enjoy it. I think I recall reading you are pretty new. If you haven't checked out Aggror's Project Saturn series on YouTube I would highly recommend. That's where I started two years ago with no prior coding experience. He explains things really well and introduces a lot of the concepts. He shows how to make a health bar, health kit, an inventory system, respawn the player, and a few other things. Plus he's an actual coder and is frequently on here answering questions, and he's always been really patient with me. Josh did a good job making the Leadwerks lua language accessible and once you start to get it you catch on quick.
  9. havenphillip

    Some HUD Elements Updated

    Also, if you want the ammo.lua script to display the actual count of grenade ammo you have you can fix that in the Fps_GrenadeView.lua script by making use of the comparable variables that script already has. Open Fps_GrenadeView.lua Add this (change this) under the Start() function: self.clipammo = self.GrenadeAmmo self.clipsize = self.MaxGrenades self.ammo = self.MaxGrenades In the Fire() function under "self.GrenadeAmmo = self.GrenadeAmmo - 1" add this: self.clipammo = self.clipammo - 1 Like this:
  10. havenphillip

    Some HUD Elements Updated

    Yeah. It was freezing up on me, too. I have a fix. Just for fun I was working on it last night. It has to do with a line in the FPS_Grenade.lua script. Open the FPS_Grenade.lua script right next to the other script. Go down to about line 480 and look for "self.entity:Release()" Uncomment it or change it to "self.entity:Hide()" Then, just under that write: if self.entity:Hide() then self.entity:Release() end Like this:
  11. havenphillip

    Some HUD Elements Updated

    It's because the grenade weapon doesn't have a "clip" variable. One thing you could try is adding these in the Start() function of the Fps_GrenadeView.lua script. That will get you past that error: self.clipammo = 1 self.clipsize = 1 self.ammo = 1 Basically the ammo script is trying to figure out what numbers to display. It's asking the pipebomb script "How much ammo do I display?" and the pipebomb script is like "I don't know what you're talking about. I've never heard of clip, or clipsize, or clipammo, etc." So you have to add the variables in the pipebomb script so it can tell the ammo.lua PostRender() what to display. I used "1" which is completely arbitrary. The next thing will be to figure out how to get the pipebomb to count down as you chuck grenades.
  12. havenphillip

    Why do I keep hitting myself?

    Is it possible that I had pivots in front of my player? I never figured it out. I could just stand still and shoot and it would hit me. I did move some pivots and restarted Leadwerks and it seems to have resolved.
  13. havenphillip

    Problem with workshop modell scorpion

    Do you have enabled set to True on the ones that aren't working?
  14. havenphillip

    Navmesh Toggle

    I didn't know that feature was there. It doesn't disable the navmesh, though.
  15. havenphillip

    Navmesh Toggle

    Something that might be cool is a button somewhere that allows me to toggle the navmesh on and off.