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  1. Awesome .How is it so far? Exceeding expectations? The vibe I'm getting is that it'll be too complicated for someone like me and there won't be any help, so I won't be able to get anywhere with it. I just can't pay $700 for something like that. Looks like it's going to be amazing, though.
  2. Nice. I like all those little things you're using to create that ambience.
  3. That would be great if he did. Otherwise I wonder if all that work would be kind of obsolete by the time LE5 comes out. I'd get in the practice, though. I'm trying to make a list of shaders if you have any ideas. I want to be reasonably sure I can do it before I commit to it. 52 shaders turns out to be a lot to think about lol. And I don't want to just make goofy little shaders like "procedural checkerboard" or something. I want to make things people might actually use - stuff I would use.
  4. So you were never able to fix this?
  5. I'm working on this geometry shader I just want to instance a box but the instance disappears when the original goes off screen. Why does this happen? How can I fix it?
  6. It's a cool effect. Thanks to Ma-Shell for posting it. I think the only collection of shaders currently is in the workshop. I'm thinking of starting a thread where I post a shader a week for a year, 52 shaders, then putting it in the workshop so there's a collection of shaders somewhere. I'm weighing it out. Just don't know if I'm good enough. I did develop this a bit if you're looking for a whole wet look:
  7. You can also go into any material shader under the "void main ()" and write " discard; " anywhere. (and also disable "cast shadows" in the material editor then hit the save icon). void main() { discard; }
  8. Dude, you're 97?! Congrats, man. And born on Christmas Eve. I can relate. Mine's the 26th.
  9. Yeah instead of hiding it there's an invisible material you can put on it
  10. One way you could just make an invisible ramp.
  11. Well I deleted the player out of the scene and put him back in and it works fine now. Looks like the water plane has to be set up before the player is placed in the scene. Something to do with the camera order of operations or something I guess.
  12. I'm finally beginning to understand the depth projection in the Leadwerks water. I have a script set up to set the depth to a buffer (otherwise you have to turn on water mode, which I don't want to do) and it's almost working but it's shifting like crazy. When I walk around its fine but as soon as I move the camera it goes nuts. This doesn't happen with the LE water so what is different about the water mode that keeps that from happening? Is there a lua code behind the LE water somewhere or what? How do I get it to stop? Here's my code which I reduced down from an old Shadmar water functi
  13. Thanks, guys! Ok I'll put it in the workshop.
  14. Easy to use. Fast. Good realism. Has reflection, refraction, and fresnel. Variables added at the top of the shader so you can easily adjust the water color, creek speed, creek direction, ripple size, refraction amount, and fresnel intensity. I desaturated the skybox reflection in the water the way real water is, and there's a subtle plane displacement in the vertex to give a rising and falling effect along the shoreline. Notes: Put the skybox texture in slot 0 on the material Disable cast shadows on material Enable z-sort on material Make a box or plane and slap the ma
  15. Yeah man "how it looks" is huge. It looks cool but I'm not sure what this is. It's like a tool for making programs that work with Ultra Engine? Can noobs make stuff with it?
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