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  1. Nice little shader tutorial series I found. First four videos are just about setting it up so can skip. The shaders configured for Leadwerks below: Lewis Lepton.zip
  2. havenphillip


    Looks good, man. I dig that skybox, too.
  3. havenphillip


    That's cool, man. I like the lightning bolt. Something in this direction might look cool. I made this battery and wrote this up from an idea I got from a Shadmar post. Battery.zip
  4. havenphillip


    It looks cool but you gotta make a better battery.
  5. This is rad. Do it. I'll buy it.
  6. This is looking pretty cool. I kind of want to join this project.
  7. If you're childing a pivot to a foot, you could maybe add a script to it that uses Cabeza = self.entity:GetParent() and set the collision type etc. from there. Then you could reference it from your script above.
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    I've seen a few vehicle scripts in the workshop. Here's a few: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1662222417
  10. havenphillip


    Dude how'd you get that reflective gloss on everything? That looks great.
  11. Thanks, dude. You got me started off in the right direction. #version 400 //Ma-Shell + //https://www.shadertoy.com/view/ldsGDn + //https://www.shadertoy.com/view/XdBBzh uniform sampler2D texture1; uniform float currenttime; uniform vec2 buffersize; uniform bool isbackbuffer; uniform mat4 projectioncameramatrix; float time=currenttime/1000.0; out vec4 fragData0; vec2 hash22(vec2 p){ vec2 p2 = fract(p * vec2(.1031,.1030)); p2 += dot(p2, p2.yx+19.19); return fract((p2.x+p2.y)*p2); } #define round(x) floor( (x) + .5 ) vec2 wetGlass(vec2 p) { p += p * 0.1; // distort drops float t = time; p *= vec2(.025, .025 * .25); p.y += t * .25; // make drops fall vec2 rp = round(p); vec2 dropPos = p - rp; vec2 noise = hash22(rp);//randomizes drop placement dropPos.y *= 4.; t = t * noise.y + (noise.x*6.28); vec2 trailPos = vec2(dropPos.x, fract((dropPos.y-t)*2.) * .5 - .25 ); dropPos.y += cos( t + cos(t) ); // make speed vary float trailMask = clamp(dropPos.y*2.5+.5,0.,1.); // hide trail in front of drop float dropSize = dot(dropPos,dropPos); float trailSize = clamp(trailMask*dropPos.y-0.5,0.,1.) + 0.5; trailSize = dot(trailPos,trailPos) * trailSize * trailSize; float drop = clamp(dropSize * -60.+ 3.*noise.y, 0., 1.); float trail = clamp(trailSize * -60.+ .5*noise.y, 0., 1.); trail *= trailMask; // hide trail in front of drop return drop * dropPos + trailPos * trail; } float rain(vec2 uv, float scale, float time) { float w=smoothstep(1.0,0.0,-uv.y*(scale/10.0)); if(w<0.2)return 0.0; uv+=time/scale; uv.y+=time*2.0/scale; uv.x+=sin(uv.y+time*.5)/scale; uv*=scale; vec2 s=floor(uv),f=fract(uv),p; float k=3.0,d; p=.5+.35*sin(11.0*fract(sin((s+scale)*mat2(vec2(7,3),vec2(6,5)))*7.0))-f; d=length(p); k=min(d,k); k=smoothstep(0.003,k,sin(f.x+f.y)*0.01); //particle size sort of return k*w; } void main(void) { vec2 uv=(gl_FragCoord.xy/buffersize); if (isbackbuffer) uv.y = 1.0 - uv.y; vec2 position = ( gl_FragCoord.xy - buffersize.xy* 0.5 ) / buffersize.x; position.y+=projectioncameramatrix[1][3]; position.y-=1.0; float angle = atan(position.y,position.x)/(0.5*3.14159265359); vec4 color = texture(texture1,uv); float c=smoothstep(1.0,0.3,clamp(uv.y*.3+.8,0.0,.75)); c+=rain(uv,20.0*angle,time)*.5; c+=rain(uv-5,15.0*angle,time)*.8; c+=rain(uv+5,10.0*angle,time); c+=rain(uv+7,8.0*angle,time); c+=rain(uv-5,6.0*angle,time); c+=rain(uv,4.0*angle,time); vec3 rainfall=(vec3(c)); uv += wetGlass(gl_FragCoord.xy/1.5); fragData0 = texture(texture1, uv)/1.5+vec4( rainfall.r+color )*.3; }
  12. I guess I should have clarified. I'm thinking in terms of using shaders on the terrain. For instance if I want it to rain and I want the dirt to change colors and gain a cubemap-like glossiness I could theoretically use a shader to do that attached to a material. Using textures is limited in that regard. Seems like it would be useful.
  13. Materials. Not textures. As in complete with the material settings and shaders attached.
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