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  1. I don't know what it was. I went in offline mode on Steam and I closed Rainmeter. It told me the .werk file for my project was missing. That happens sometimes. Started a new project and now it seems to be working just fine. I'm not tech savvy so if you highly suspect Rainmeter it's probably that, as far as I'm concerned.
  2. So this works but it eats up the FPS constantly loading and deleting the shader. Bloom effect brought me all the way down to a constant 7 FPS. Not sure exactly why this works but there's got to be a better way. Anyone? function Script:UpdateWorld() self.world = World:GetCurrent() if self.camera==nil then for i=0,self.world:CountEntities()-1 do if self.world:GetEntity(i):GetClass()==Object.CameraClass then self.camera=self.world:GetEntity(i) tolua.cast(self.camera,"Camera") return
  3. That's what I did. I loaded your null shader. Same results as other posteffect shaders. No line. It's the depth from the Leadwerks water shader, which works while there are posteffects running from what I can tell. So it seems to me there is something that is enabled or present somewhere in water mode that I'm not aware of .
  4. You know what I actually saw your post and tried the null shader. I get nothin. What do you mean by "final result"? I don't even know where to start digging for answers.
  5. This line disappears when I add post-effects to the scene, which is a bummer.
  6. Ah ok! Thanks, man. Good to know.
  7. That happens to me sometimes where a project will just disappear. It won't run so I have to start a new project and copy/paste all the files from the old one. Maybe that's the actual "bug."
  8. Ok I restarted my computer, went into offline mode on Steam, closed Rainmeter. Started Leadwerks. It said the project file .werk was missing. Started a new project and now it seems to be working. Didn't see any recent updates but then again I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for. So it must be one of those things.
  9. That could be. What do I do about that?
  10. Another thing that's happening is when I run the game the output says "Executing C:\Users\Owner\...." but nothing else. No warnings or errors occur. The game runs. And then when I go to shut the script editor it tells me an external process is still running and asks if I want to terminate it. All this is new.
  11. Uninstalled reinstalled. No change. I'll keep messing with things and let you know if it gets fixed.
  12. When I run the game the output says Executing...exe and then nothing. I can run it but something is off. If I close the Script Editor it says "An external process is still running. Do you want to terminate it? Seems like I started putting the perspective view in realtime render then moving it around and then like the next day all this.
  13. Nothing that I'm aware of. It just started suddenly a few days ago. I'll try an uninstall reinstall see if that does it.
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