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  1. Thanks Shadmar, , I'll try it!
  2. Hi, thanks, achieve using the Help move the vertices using a script. I move the vertices, I had to reduce the amount of vertices since vertex moving vertex seems to be a slow process. Q1. If I did this using a shader would it be faster? Q2. Something I must be doing wrong, since I get an error the minute I run the application, surely I am accumulating memory somewhere and I do not know where. I share the Script on the water mesh to see if they help me find what is wrong. function Script:Start() surface = self.entity:GetSurface(0) end Script.wave_vel = .1 --float "Wave Speed" function Script:UpdateWorld() for v=0, surface:CountVertices()-1 do local position = surface:GetVertexPosition(v) local color = surface:GetVertexColor(v) --float position.z = Math:Sin((position.x*position.y)+Time:GetCurrent()*self.wave_vel) color.r = 100-position.z*.2 color.g = 110-position.z*.2 color.b = 120-position.z*.2 surface:SetVertexPosition(v,position) surface:SetVertexColor(v,color) end end
  3. Hello, I am learning Leadwerks, and for that I am doing a little game of a boat. All my programming experience is with Blitz3D, and now I decided to migrate my projects to Leadwerks. I could already make the boat sail, rotate the turret, raise the cannon and shoot cubes. Now I would like to know how I can modify my water MESH, I want to move its vertices to generate a wave effect. Is there any example of a SCRIPT to control the position of the vertices of a mesh? Sorry for the way I write, I'm using google translate. Regards! Santiago
  4. Excelent!, Thanks. now i fire cubes with the correct script. tanks!!
  5. Hi, on the advice of a friend I am testing leadwerks, so far all my games have been programmed with Blitz3D, but I need to expand my horizons, especially in graphical limitations, so I am learning how to use Leadwerks. I spent all week trying to understand how Leadwerks, Lua, Shaders, CPU / GPU works ... hours and hours of youtube and see the forum, and I make my fist steps in Leadwerks in a simple game. To learn I decided to make a game of a boat, which must defend and attack in a small lake. Until now, achieve: - Import objects from 3dsmax - Assign materials to objects. - Make a script to move the boat - Make a script to rotate the turret - Make a script to change the elevation of the cannon. And when you press SPACE, shoot. I have a thousand questions to ask, but I want to try to discover it on my own. Although some I think it is better to ask them so I already learn to make the code in the correct way. When I press SPACE I create an ammunition, but how do I do it? And how do I check all the ammunition and move them, according to your SCRIPT. And mainly, where should the code go to review all the ammunition in each loop? Greetings, Santiago
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