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  1. Hello. We have been developing our game on Leadwerks 4.7 for a long time, but now we are faced with such an unsolvable problem, which you can see in the screenshot. Problem is in appearance of a strange phantom shadow line extending over the entire level. The engine version doesn't matter, I got the same bug on a completely empty project with Leadwerks 4.1-4.5 Even when adjusting the Density of Vegetations, this shadow line just moves to another part of the level. Please help me fix it.
  2. Hello, when i use Environmet Proble and place on the map Light with "volume effect" and "Cast shadows" i get next result when this light is in the frame If i set "Cast Shadows" to "None" or i set "Volume effect" to 0.0, this bug disappears
  3. Mr Josh, i update my leadwerks to 4.6 beta, but car isn't still moving. When do you fix it?
  4. Thanks, Mr Josh!
  5. Hello, when i use ReleaseTableObjects function in my project and change map, console in the editor show message "Possible reference count error for asset" for all objects in table. For example, this are textures,sound and etc. I create new project and test it. This happened in new project. ?
  6. Hello. I found a bug in the skybox.Fog and other shaders overlap on the skybox. ?
  7. Hello. I have a big problem. When i create at my map some decals, set render view to "Textured" and try to load another some map, my editor can be crash with message "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION". I use leadwerks 4.6 beta ?
  8. I tried to run Leadwers Editor at Integrated GPU (Intel® HD Graphics 510) . Editor runned, but i can't rotate camera by holding right mouse button, again I unplugged my gaming mouse and rebooted my OS. I runned LED, but i can't rotate camera.
  9. Yes, i have it, but i tried to use touchpad and it didn't work too
  10. Okay. I work on a windows 10 laptop. My specs: OS: Windows 10 x64 RAM: 8 gb DDR 4 CPU: I5-6198DU GPU: Geforce 920 MX 2 gb vram More details? Which more details? Before it, all worked okay. When i worked on my project, i closed leadwerks window and it offered to terminate process of my game. I press "Ok" and leadwerks was clossing. On the next day i opened leadwerks and i can't rotate camera by holding right button I tried the next actions: 1) I deleted config User/MyDocuments/Leadwerks/Leadwerks.cfg 2) I reinstalled leadwerks editor 3) I rebooted my OS
  11. I tried to close leadwerks window and it offered to terminate process of my game (I didn't close my game window). After it, i can't rotate camera by holding right button
  12. Hello, i can't rotate camera by hold right mouse button in Leadwerks Editor Window. Please, help me
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