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  1. Is the Newton vehicle physics on the beta branch on steam available now ?, the time frame that was stated on here has come and gone by allot. so I am checking to see as there have been no new topics on the subject. Accept some info on the Newton physics site about it being just about ready? but I am not sure if that's was really for leadwerks. If its not there yet , what is the new ETA . I purchased this leadwerks pro 4 for its vehicle physics primary, so I am hoping I get to use it.
  2. ok thanks I will read that, is there a work around for lula.?
  3. Ok issue resolved , first I was looking at the wrong window the log window with green text in the main editor, as my editor debug output window or tabs were hidden. Thank you all for your reply's and help.
  4. OK I tried using it System:Print("Hello World") function Script:Start() System:Print("Hello World") end also tried MyVariable = 3 System:Print(MyVariable) that still outputs nothing but Debug process connected, what could be the cause of this?. can you confirm it works on your end, if you don't mind. if it does I just reinstall it again I guess somthing must be currupted.
  5. Hi I have simple question in regarding to the command print(), I have tested the leadwerks 4.4 regular build and latest beta both are the same print() is not working for me. today I was just trying some simple tutorial code on leadwerks lula tutorials trying to output using print() command a variable to the debug window or even the simple print("hello") does not output anything,all its says is Debug process connected. So is it broken in leadwerks or is this somthing broke on my side , is there something I can check on my side to fix this, I have reloaded/reinstalled leadwerks beta an
  6. didnt seems to fix after adding symbols and source search sdk paths are correct, other warnings about crypt libs missing parts? so had a chat about it with mods. vs 2017 bt141 is not compatible, they never has successful testwith current builds lw4, have to wait till lw 5+
  7. ok vs 2017 and win sdk10 bt141 is not compatible with current lw build, just had a chat with Josh. have to wait for lw 5+ good to know wont waste any more time on this issue stick with known vs 2015 and bt140
  8. on debug 32 and release 32, ok it was dumping that it couldn't find the pdb(symbols?) after load or unloading the dll's and then exited with code 01 does not run this happens in vs community 2017 only on windows 10 64bit on bt140 bt141only, sdk8,1 and sdk10 and does not on vs 2015. So I guessing vs 2017 community needs other settings setup , extra work. those are only errors I got on my tests.
  9. I have another question regarding the sdk versions compatible with leadwerks game engine, the beta and none beta. I have been testing to see what works and what does not out of the box with leadwerks for me. I have been able to compile the project samples on vs 2015 with sdk 8.1 with build tools 140 no problem so I know I have my vs set up is correct as far as I can tell, my other none lw vs projects work normal on vs 2015 and vs community 2017. dont see any sdk and lw source path issues all look ok. ISSUE: But any newer versions other than old windows sdk8.1 on vs
  10. What version of visual studio is everyone using or required, I am running Windows 10 64bit , It says 2015, but that's old and the community edition is not available anymore. I tried using 2017 community but it says its too new and want to convert it, it wont compile with out allot of errors after converting it. This is the default code that LW 4.4 creates in the windows folder so nothing has been added.
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