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  1. Thanks! Here's another. Sigma: splashscreen draft & manual.
  2. Strange, it does work for me in three different browsers. Sorry can't help you there Thank you! Kill'em Dead: manual & new art.
  3. A Micro-Factions based promotional item "Good Indian Make Trade".
  4. I turned my game art into a papercraft model.
  5. The Jackal - animated logo prototype.
  6. Upcoming Micro-Factions heraldic badges: Eagle-King & Swan-Prince
  7. Ironsouls (Cosmic Totems, Metal Gods): Darkheart - Thoth - Veynos
  8. [WIP] Thread specifically dedicated to my characters. Bastion - Mystic - Forefather - Slitherstink - Talon Leviurg - Sentinel - Little Friar - Patria - Sha
  9. It all depends on the effect you want to achieve. Your eyes should tell you whether an asset looks right or doesn't with other game art.
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