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    I'm intrestred in animation, game design, drawing virtual drawings and more :)

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  1. Ok I found out what the issue was. You can't put numbers into your games name
  2. The problem is that I can't create a new game. I think that when I installed Leadwerks it didn't create a folder in the documents directory.
  3. Ok thanks so now Im sure about selling my games when I create them. Thanks so much for the help guys I really appreciate it
  4. Ok so if I create a standalone version of the game in theory it is possible to sell the game on steam ?
  5. Currently I am reading the tutorial on how to use Leadwerks and this is what I found : https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=Tutorials_Editor_Workshop Under the 6th image in the tutorial it says : Leadwerks Software will review and may make your item available for purchase. You will receive 50% of sales of your item directly from Valve each month via wire transfer. Valve will keep 30% of each sale, and 20% will go to Leadwerks Software. A $100 minimum balance is required to initiate a payment. If this amount if not met in a month, it will carry over until it is reached.
  6. Hello guys so I have a question I need to ask you and Im not trying to be rude to Leadwerks thats not my intention. If I want to sell my game on steam is it then possible to create and convert the game so that I can sell it on steam without having to pay 20% of the money i get from selling the game to Leadwerks legally ? Thanks
  7. Ok but if I use your script its not legal to sell the game right ? And could I sell my game on any platform if i made it without the existing models ? And if I made a game with the shader / shadow material shaders could I sell it on any platform too ?
  8. Hello Im new to Leadwerks and I was reading the tutorials on how to use the software and then it hit me. I was wondering if its possible to create your completly own character and player script from scratch. And is it possible to create your own gun script from scratch too? Thanks ;-)
  9. Hello everyone Im completely new to Leadwerks and I was wondering if I made a game could I then sell it without violating the terms / Leadwerks EULA or any other rules ? By the way I don't want to be rude to the developers of the software Im just courius.
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