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  1. Thank you Josh for answering ! Now I get it ! By the way , I'm new to it , but I already love leadwerks. I'm going to learn lua to have access to the Scripting functionalities for more interaction. Thanks!
  2. Thank you aggrorjorn for answering ; the problem is still there but it's ok , I can still manually move an object along the grid lines for alignment purposes. If other users don't report the problem , it's problably to do with my pc / graphics drivers etc... I have a radeon hd 6900 card and I can no longer update the drivers , so that could be it.
  3. Hello , thank you for your answer! But changing the grid size doesn't solve the problem. It's no big deal , but I think there's an issue because, after changing grid size a few times on the front view , the snap function no longer works at all for this view , but it does ( with the bug mentioned above) for the other views...
  4. Hello , I'm using the steam version, my steam nickname is therickman. I'm currently following the tutorials , but it seems there's an issue with the snap to grid function. It works in the top view , but in the other views ( left ; front ) the object does snap , but not to the grid 's grey lines ; it snaps in between...you can see it in the attached picture. Or maybe I didn't do things the right way ?
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