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  1. Ah ok! I was already wondering why the color of the parameter for speed is sometimes colored black while the others are blue inside the code editor.
  2. Hi everyone, it might be a stupid question but i just startet working with Leadwerks and LUA. So i am doing the tutorial series available here -> youtube and i have the problem that the player doesn't die when he falls from a high position. Everything else from the tutorial is working but maybe i missed something at the beginning? I remember that something didn't work at the beginning regarding the "name" value of the player. In the tutorial it was just "player" but in my version the value was "FPSPlayer". So i had to rename it to "player" to make the tutorial work on LW 4.5. Perhaps that's the problem? I attached my project and it would be really helpful if someone could have a look at it or just point me into the right direction. tutorial.7z
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