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  1. M0lD


    This is where Map Streaming Would be Cool
  2. Please make C++ a more valid to use for objects
  3. M0lD

    Map Streaming

    so its somewhat posible in Leadwerks 5?
  4. it works, but im getting **** loads of warnings. witch i dident get before
  5. M0lD

    Map Streaming

    oh, im makeing an space "dungeon like rooms" but premade... and then stream it. but unity feels to open and unspesific as an engine. Testing this idea in Leadwerks and Source Engine i saw the both was suffering from big maps (170 Rooms+). but the addon for unity was running very nicely.
  6. The thing the is used to pick materials of other brushes, is very broken. cuse you need to restart the editor to unselect the picker tool
  7. and this ween debuging I blame all this on climate change!
  8. Got this from an clean Project made on an clean install of VS2017 and clean install of Leadwerks
  9. If anyone here have used Source Engine or seen this asset from Unity, Map chunk Streaming sounds very cool. And im sure you can make this with c++ or lua in the current Leadwerks(4.5)... But haveing it as native support and selling point would be neet... As im intrested in makeing an semi open world game... It works by exporting parts of the map into and chunk, and load it as the player is inside, aswell as the connected ones or more... I know that you can load maps onto other maps. but its currently not so useable. Sectr in unit also has support for unloading objects inside an Roo
  10. You can right click the windows(OS) blackbar and move all windows(game) acordingly
  11. But the current 4.x documentation is missing much
  12. The documentation is pretty much gone now becuse of Leadweks 5? Becuse the "Old documentation" links are talking if stuff thats gone now." (I found out leadwerks had an forum long after i started useing it) Haveing everything documented and enableing users to add examples like comments would make a lot of the currently active questions non-existant...
  13. I dont find world.GetChild()...
  14. I dont need to loop it overcand over if i only need it ween the map starts, im just makeing the camera, in C++ And set its location to an pivot...
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