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  1. Hi all! Well! I think that is the best "approach" I can do, and is near the perfect expected result, so I share with all the community how I made it (really is possible to write better code, but is my first try with Lua and with Leadwerks haha) On VRPlayer I made the following modifications: On the script variables declaration at the top: Script.pickradius=0.05 Script.hitBallTime=0 Script.hitBallDelay=50 Script.clickUsed=false Script.clickUseTime=0 Script.clickUseDelay=500 On the "Script:Start()" function, before the "--Create teleporter beam" comment add this
  2. Hi @Josh Fine, I created the functions understanding a bit more how you used to "grab" the objects. So I have writed this, and is a bit better, but the ball is stuck on the air on front of the "Use" entity, although the controller not touched when I move away the controller from the "Use" entity. I tried with a two "else" clausules but with not sucess because then the ball is never "positioned" (I supposed that is positioned but as fast that they never appear on screen because of the "else") function VRPlayer_TouchingItems(entity,extra) if entity==extra then return end local self =
  3. Hi @AggrorJorn, Sure, here is the video. One half is with VR with the strange "pick" function to "use" the objects, and the other half of the video is with FPSPlayer and nice pick/use of switches and doors. Yes, I know that "pick" is not the way to do this on VR (the switch directly not detect nothing, also the ball is "printed" always on what is like the mass center of the controller and not when "collision" happens), but I don't find info explaining how the collision system works, or how detect collision at the controller with another object and "callback" to the Use function of t
  4. Hi, I have some switches and doors (SwingingDoors) that have Use function and calls to open or light up the rooms. But now I want that when my VR controller collide with the door or the light, first detect that I can "interact" with it (atm painting a Sphere...) and when I click on controller trigger, call to "Use" function of the collided entity (door or switch). Now, I replicated the code from FPSPlayer to interact with the E Key, and is "working" but is very awful I'm trying to write what I'm doing (very very very bad) on VRPlayer function Script:UpdateWorld() local pickIn
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