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  1. I don't like this belly yet, I will work in the others proposals. I maked some animations and imported it to leadwerks for a tests and works correctly. We need think about to define how many guns the characters will carry one primary and one secondary for standardize the animations. We define some guidelines on GDD. But anyway I will posting here my ideas, will some one drive the GDD organization?
  2. i like this kind of concept, i will think in something on this way.
  3. It’s True, a machine gun in the he’s hand will resolve this problem!! Now I will work for transform this soldier in a character game and export for the leadwerks.
  4. Thank you Josh!! video0001-1006.mp4
  5. I will start modeling the number 5, i like this.
  6. Hey Guys, I was sketching some concepts. What Do you think?
  7. Hey guys... here a logo as concept... i worked on it at this morning, is like a Quake logo... i will work other kind of logos as well ... for now is it...
  8. Add Edge Loops or Vertex it works, but could be heavy. It's not best solution.
  9. I had the same problem with Blender, and resolve like this: Try to add the modificator Edge Split and apply the modificator. This is Leadwerks result:
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