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  1. Nope didn´t fix it I tried to run it as an administrator, to reinstall vcredist, use Steam software repair tool and reinstall
  2. I switched to the stable version but the error is still there ? For example when I try to apply the orange material to the wall. I don´t understand it be cause I have used Leadwerks already more than 200 hours without any problems If I create a completely new object it seems working but when I save the map and restart Leadwerks the texture is missing again
  3. Everytime I create any project there are many errors saying that the engine couldnt load any materials. Possible reasons: 1.I think it happened since I uninstalled vcredist and reinstalled it with the official installer. 2. Beta 4.6 3. Installation of python, c++ etc. features for Visual Studio. The error occurs on projects I allready worked on and on completely new started templates like the fpsshooter. My idea to solve it: I tried reinstalling the software but reinstalling in steam is only deleting all Leadwerks files but not the 3d party software. So how
  4. 1. You need the TURBO game engine 2.Download the SOURCE 3.Import it to the engine 4.Modificate the game 5.Export the mod and publish it or send it to us and we are going to implement it to the official game version
  5. (1.3.1) Here we are going to publish finished concept art:
  6. Networking(1.2.1)s going have the following parts: Server Server
  7. To be able to create this project it is important to follow a certain structure! 1.Parts 1.1Organizer: 1.1.1 1.1.2 1.1.3 1.1.4 1.2Programmer: 1.2.1Networking 1.2.2Gameplay/Gamemodes 1.2.3HUD/MENU 1.2.4NPC 1.2.5Game Launcher 1.3Designer 1.3.1Concept art 1.3.2Prototype 1.3.3Assets 1.3.4Implementation of assets into prototype maps 1.3.5Visual effects 1.4PR 1.4.1Game testing(If there are
  8. Thank you very much! ^^ Should we use this project as the basis for Leadwerks Arena?
  9. It isnt a fully finished game but if you save the project as standalone or just open the map "Lobby" in the editor and click play... You are in the lobby can move around with your character and go through teleporters to the game maps -> "matrix" "city" and "forest" In the matrix you can fight against bots(Navmesh is already working) The city and forest are only viewable but not playable with the spectator camera If you want to see how the game looks like as a "finished" game you can use the complete installer here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wGeE4JniG0N-ze
  10. Is the project working on your pc?
  11. @Josh / @reepblue I have the project now as a .zip which has a size of 2,3GB (as a normal folder it needs 5,5GB) so I uploaded it to my Google Drive and you can use the following link to download it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17bxqRvppFqU_wWZ2FLrw6XgfGIL_YU9J/view?usp=sharing (You can use these files as you want) If there are any problems just tell me and I´m going to try to fix them Information: 1. Some of the files need to be renamed because they have some german names but I think it shouldn´t be a big problem to rename it. 2. I added a folder called "ITP" this
  12. I think that it is important to structure the project. The question is how should we do that? I think that we need the following people: 1.Organizer() 2. Leading programmer(Networking,Gameplay,Game loop,additional shaders,NPC) 2.1 Networking system creator(Client,Server on clients pc, dedicated server) 2.2 Gameplay programmer(Character movement, weapons and granades, player spawn, player menu) 3.3 NPC programmer(Navigation etc.) 3.4 shaders programmer (only if needed) 3. Leading designer(Map prototyping,asset creation,texture creation, asset and texture
  13. @reepblue this was done in Leadwerks with the environment probes... but I think that I used to much of them ^^ I am going to upload some .png files (like seamless textures etc.) that can be used for the Project
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