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  1. Good to hear that nothing special will be required to run and it will run well in Virtual Reality. I am on a MSI 570 8GB Video Card so hopefully it will be sufficient for this.
  2. Hey @JMichaelK Got a few questions about your Voxel ray tracing implementation - 1. What hardware is required to run this? 2. Does this work well in Virtual Reality? 3. Does this work well for large worlds?
  3. I shared this in the Quake modding discord server since you mentioned quake 3 mapping a few times. Hopefully it drives some more interest into turbo
  4. Mr_SquarePeg

    Leadwerks and C#

    Why not make it a plugin for Turbo or would that not be feasible?
  5. @Josh - Will the ray tracing implementation at least be vendor agnostic? I do not have an Nvidia card and I am more than likely to buy an AMD Card that supports ray tracing.
  6. So I posted this in the Lead Werks discord and I might as well post it here. https://coherence.io/
  7. My concern with Ray tracing is performance on older GPUs. Ray tracing is great for currently high end GPUs. There is some good charts in the article below showing what kind of performance to expect on a wide spread of nvidia GPUs. https://wccftech.com/quake-2-rtx-is-out-and-what-kind-of-performance-you-can-expect/
  8. Hey bit of heads up but check out UVMagic in the blender addons. It makes UV Mapping a breeze.
  9. Mr_SquarePeg


    Hey Josh - Have you seen this book? http://www.pbrt.org/
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