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  1. Thanks i found my error it was Leadwerks::Widget::Button("", (this->window->GetWidth() / 2) + 100, 250, 100, 55, panel); TO Leadwerks::Widget::Button("", (this->window->GetWidth() / 2) + 100, 250, 100, 55, gui->GetBase());
  2. My favorite game engine !

  3. Having fun with leadwerks and c++ !

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    2. 💎Yue💎


      I don't have fun in C++, my computer is very old and compilation times are very long.

    3. tipforeveryone


      yep c++ is awesome to me now

    4. gamecreator


      I know Josh said most of the Leadwerks customers use Lua but it's nice to see my brethren here.  😀

  4. Making my own player movements

  5. Hello 😀 Today i am working on my player but i have some issue with the collision. I would like to shrink the default collision cylinder but have no clue how to make it. 1. No physics appear on player At first when i turn on display physics the default hitbox didn't appear. 2. Default hitbox appear I found in a topic that adding hit box could fix it, so a add a hit box (CSG cylinder) but the default one is still there ;(
  6. I was looking for the condition not for the print 🤦‍♂️ Thanks macklebee
  7. Hello every one ! So today i am making my third person code. In my code i need to compare the name of child i want and the name of each children(GetChildren()) but i have got this error. when i try to compare their name. CODE: function Script:GetChildByName(nameRequest) for i = 0 , self.entity:CountChildren() -1 do local ent = self.entity:GetChild(i) local entName = ent:GetKeyValue("name") if entName == nameRequest then System:Print(nameRequest + " has been found !") return ent end end re
  8. ScarPunk


    I made an other project but same problem . error: (lua51.dll) Shooter.zip
  9. ScarPunk


    App.h luaCall.cpp luaCall.h main.cpp App.cpp luaCall.cpp glue.cpp glue.h luaCall.h luacommands.pkg
  10. ScarPunk


    Ok so i made a good glue code Code: source /* ** Lua binding: luacommands ** Generated automatically by tolua++-1.0.92 on 08/14/18 22:20:58. */ #ifndef __cplusplus #include "stdlib.h" #endif #include "string.h" #include "tolua++.h" #include "luaCall.h" /* Exported function */ TOLUA_API int tolua_luacommands_open (lua_State* tolua_S); #include "Leadwerks.h" using namespace Leadwerks; /* function to release collected object via destructor */ #ifdef __cplusplus static int tolua_collect_hello (lua_State* tolua_S) { hello* self = (hello*) tolua_tousertype(tolua_S,1,0); Mtolua
  11. An animation window like in unity can be cool (head swinging than i need to do with for loop)
  12. ScarPunk


    A ok i did this command tolua++ -o LC_luaCall luaCall.cpp
  13. ScarPunk


    I don't know what to do with the pkg file $#include "Leadwerks.h" $using namespace Leadwerks; class hello { hello(); void SayHello(); }; bool import(const std::string& path);
  14. ScarPunk


    I don't know it just crashing and doesn't show where it crash Console: error ×
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