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  1. casio101

    Leadwerks 5 and youtube

    Thanks very informative!
  2. casio101

    script class

    Wow, this one is indeed useful, auto completion in vs will help so much Thanks
  3. casio101

    script class

    Omg, how could i have missed that.(Maybe not reading)Thanks so much I meant like sample projects and stuff. If you have any links that will be nice. I found a few good youtube tutorials.
  4. casio101

    Leadwerks 5 and youtube

    Hi, i saw some videos on youtube which were showcasing some pbr stuff, is that leadwerks 5 and jumping on the bandwagon of 4.5 will there be a huge transition into 5. Where can I find more info on leadwerks 5?
  5. casio101

    script class

    Hi, i was reading through the documentation and could not find anything for the functions that can be defined in the script object. It is so hard to find resources for leadwerks, are there anymore resources other than the forum,documentation and the included scripts