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  1. Thanks! Weird how I couldn't find this in the "Learn" section of the site.
  2. Hiya! I've been using Leadwerks for a couple day, and I have to say, I really dig it. The CSG workflow is so quick, and importing assets in one click is a godsend. However, unless I've somehow missed this, I don't believe there are shortcuts available in Leadwerks that allow you to quickly switch between operations. From what I understand, you need to manually click between the UI icons in order to switch functions. Coming from Maya and Source, this is a pretty big time drainer as far as workflow is concerned, and it's fairly easy to implement. Maya-style shortcuts (as in pressing Q to get transform, E for rotate and R for scale) aren't the only solution to this problem. Hammer solved this problem another way, you clicked on the object again to switch between transform mode to rotate mode, which is quite fast as well. I hope I've just missed where these shortcuts are, but if I haven't, I believe my idea would be a great thing to implement in Leadwerks. Thanks for reading!
  3. Simple question, but I can't seem to find a straight forward answer in the manual. What scale should I be using for Leadwerks?
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