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    We made it, yes, sorry for this delay, but we had big problems with uploading. Now you can download demo here: 
    Hope you'll like it 😃 We have come a really big way of development to finally present this to you. Thanks, and join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/ZT9EU65
  2. adams-antology
    Hello, our dear subscribers! Important news - we are finally announcing the release date of Between The Realities' demo-version! It will be released in Leadwerks Game Launcher on November 11th!
    In the demo version, which is a technical demonstration of our capabilities, there will be only 5 game levels, 5 types of weapons, 2 types of enemies and as well as 1/4 of the main plot.
    One of these days will be released a new teaser. Stay tune!
  3. adams-antology
    Between The Realities is an indie game in the genre of first-person shooter, which is being developed by our creative association Antology Games Studio. At the moment the game is in active development at the pre-beta stage, the release is expected in the winter of 2019. Our project is entirely inspired by oldschool games of the late 90s, such as Blood and Kingpin: Life of Crime, and by films like Streets of Fire (1984) and Dark City (1998).
    Another world. Different reality. Different definition of good and evil. Target City is a city in the middle of the Void that has remained from the planet Earth. It's a city controlled by a mysterious cult. Members of the Cult worship the Angels who betrayed the Creator's ideals. Angels are doing experiments on people, trying to teach them to live without their soul, given by a Heaven's energy. But that was before. Because tonight everything will change. The man named Jonathan, who lost memory of his previous life, was chosen by the Creator. He got the soul back and wants to give a freedom for all living citizens... And only one angel, who stayed on the right side, will help him to fight off the dark invaders. They'll win back this city. Together. And even death can’t stop them, because they are balancing between realities...
  4. adams-antology
    We made it! Between The Realities coming back in new, revised demo-version!
    You can download it here, right now:
    Watch our fantastic trailer!

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