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  1. so, how did you guys all get started? what brought you to this point of being on here? For me, it happend when i met a friend in a online game that had a project, i asked if i could make a game with him, i was around 14 at the time, he said sure, i didnt even know what shading was, i kept doing iterations and trying to do better and he didnt use my graphics but after i understood some basic art concepts he put them in and i was blown away, i spent years drawing and painting trying to get better, he went off to college for computer science and we didnt talk much, but i kept doing art on the side, living in the mountains i didnt have much else to do besides that and play games. after he got out we started doing game projects again and we were both much more skilld in our fields, im 24 now and were still making games togeather and still learning, about 8 months ago i switched from 2d to 3d art and found it to be much better suited to me. it's still just a hobby at this point but it compliments what were interested in. I'm curious what other peoples stories are.
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