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  1. Good day, everyone. I'd like to see if I can minimize the use of Time Remapping / Animation Playback Rate on my models and animate things in Blender in "real time" as in. At the default playback in Blender, I find myself having to speed up the imported animations in LW.
  2. It's the fact that you have the option to separate them. I've used textures as drivers that way, red was driving one parameter while blue controller another. It's very flexible. I'd recomment looking into what is generally used in software like Blender, Maya (Arnold Renderer), Substance Painter and Designer. Etc. Pick the most commonly seen attributed and the rest is a cherry on top.
  3. It's more the terms of flexibility. Yes you could combine them all into one and it would make it easy but the whole idea is to have the option and flexibility of routing and committing
  4. When In Doubt, take example from the big guns: This is the sort of stuff that would make creating visual effects accessible to a significantly broader audience who do not have Shader Coding experience. Youtube is filled to the brim with these material tutorials, making all kinds of effects and materials.
  5. Well yes. I understand that this sort of a functionality would be best put into the new engine, I'm all for that. Also I'm glad this sort of lines up with your plans and you're at least considering this. Looking forward to Turbo. Starting to put savings away now. If you're not sure what layout to use, then base it on Blender / Unreal. Both of their PBR material layouts are highly versatile and offer great flexibility.
  6. This honestly may or may not appeal to the more seasoned Leadwerks users who've been around the block but I find the unreal material editor in UE or Shader Editor in Blender to be the only existing things in this universe where I can not only forgive the use of Node based programming but that I even welcome it. The ease and speed of material creation in either cases simply trumps even veteran shader programmers. The sort of stuff I was able to create in UE with materials was simply stunning. This would open LW5 / Turbo users to a whole new world of accessible Visual Effects and experimentation.
  7. This is one of the primary reasons why I download tutorials from youtube to my local drive.. sadly though I stopped because I figured..... what are they going to do... remove them?
  8. AND YES IT IS. IT'S IN THE DAMN ENGINE FILES, But it's NOT in the docs. virtual void SetCharacterControllerAngle(const float angle);//lua virtual float GetCharacterControllerAngle();//lua @Josh How come so much useful stuff is undocumented? Do you need help getting documentation for some functions in the docs. A well designed Documentation that's easy to traverse and search is the hallmark of an engine for new arrivals. Game Maker Studio is perhaps an example of, what I'd say the worlds best documentation for their engine. 80% of what I've learned, I've discovered in their help by typing in a keyword like "draw" and I'd get ALL draw related functions. Seriously, if you need help documenting some stuff, perhaps we can contribute on our spare time?
  9. I should mention that I'm not using the Editor to create the character controllers. I'm using C++ to loop through all the enemy models I placed in the level and create the Actors that way. EDIT: well actually this also works even when I'm attaching the character controller in c++. Thanks. I do wonder if there is a C++ function for this, seeing how its in the editor and the editor has got to call some sort of a function.
  10. Good day, everyone. The title is purposefully simplistic since when I goggled for this issue, few relevant posts popped up. Currently I have a model of an enemy and it gets a PhysicsMode(Entity::CharacterPhysics) assigned to it. When the model moves forward using the input() commands, the character model is facing sideways. Now I can fix that in two ways: 1) I can Create a Dummy Empty and set that to a character controller, then parent the model to the dummy and rotate it in local space. 2) Or I can rotate the model in the modeling software to face the right way. My question is, is there a third option? Something in the properties or perhaps orientation function for making the model face the same forward direction as the forward movement of the character controller? I've scoped the docs for any appropriate functions but alas the top two solutions are the only ones I've found. Decided to ask just in case.
  11. Can you tell us what did the test actually competed against? What sort of performance is it that Turbo performed better at?
  12. Good day, everyone. I've gotten a hang of setting up a fresh blank C++ project without much issues. But it is doe by completely wiping the all the code from the Main.cpp, importing the Leadwerks.h library and working my way up from there. When a project is created like this, "from a blank page", this destroys all the Lua connections to the engine and you are no longer able to use Lua in the engine, right? I think Lua has it's place, it's like blueprints in Unreal and I wanted to see how do you go about proceeding with the game development from that blank project? It seems as if this block here is where the app window should be created: App* app = new App; if (app->Start()) { Map::Load("Maps/city01.map"); while (app->Loop()) { and in the while loop, is where you game logic would go. But that seems to not be the case. The app starts, blanks the screen and closes immediately. I would like to see if I can get a C++ project running without destroying the initial Lua interpreter setup. Where am I to look for the clues?
  13. Haha, I actually never thought that you'd use Fusion for Hard Surface Modeling. That's brilliant, No more dealing with broken faces and vertecies. Haha
  14. Wait, that's all it takes? Does that set up Lua interpreter and create the C++ game all in just those few puny lines of code? This is amazing!
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