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  1. TheConceptBoy

    How to use the PlayAnimation endhook feature [C++]

    Ow Jesus. I was afraid of that.... Can we get something similar for firing up C++ functions perhaps? @Josh or that 0.0 - 1.0 animation solution starting to sound pretty suitable?
  2. Good day, everyone. I'm trying to get a hang of the animation function set and I'm trying to figure out how to use the endhooks in C++ From what I understand, it's a function that gets triggered once the animation has ended, however there are no example codes in the docs that actually show how that is written. Thank you.
  3. TheConceptBoy

    Identifier "Lerp" is undefined Error [C++]

    I ended up just writing my own lerp function for the time being: float lerp(float start, float end, float amnt) { return start + amnt * (end - start); }
  4. This line: Math:Lerp(revolver_x, revolver_ir_x, revolver_amnt); In C++ returns a (Identifier is undefined) error https://imgur.com/a/fEcr68R I'm not entirely sure how much of surrounding code you need, this is located in the App:Loop
  5. TheConceptBoy

    GetAnimationFrame is missing

    I think we need to somehow know the relative position that an animation is in, relative to the start or end of an animation. Then we can trigger events based on it. And that's why I would propse the 0.0 to 1.0 float range for start and end of an animation. This way, regardless how fast or slow an animation is, triggering things would always happen on the same place in the animation cycle. Leadwerks already knows what an animation start and end IS, since it has the ability to loop an animation, and for that it needs to be able to track the first and last defined position and something needs to trigger to go back to the first bone position. I feel like a Frame Event is pretty much the same as the main game loop. And we already have that by default.
  6. TheConceptBoy

    GetAnimationFrame is missing

    I know this is an old subject but I wanted to pitch in my 2 cents. I think we do need something like that but @Josh is correct. There's no such thing as Frames with 3D. There are just static bone positions that get blended between. If you have a hand animation move from left to right, It can take 60 proverbial "frames" (like in-game FPS Frames) to blend between one position and another or you could slow play the animation at 50% the speed and now it takes 120 in-game frames. BUT Something like this would still indeed be useful for stuff like, when you need to sync some events with the key positions of an animation. For example without using the term "Frame", Say you have a character running animation, the point when the foot touches the ground, you put a trigger which does 3 things. 1) It plays the Foot Step Sound effect[ 2) It spawns a small dust particle as if the foot is kicking up dust. 3) It spawns a small decal sprite on the floor to make a shoe footprints or Bloody foot print if you stepped in a pool of blood. I would personally find it extremely useful for triggering sound effects. So what if instead of Frames we treat it as a float value? Have 0.0 being the start of an animation and 1.0 being the end. In this sense we are not dealing with any predetermined time formats like frames and if you decide to stretch the animation (By playing it at half the speed in Leadwerks) then techincally all your stuff would still be synced.
  7. TheConceptBoy

    Animation sets? (Maya)

    Unless I'm getting it wrong and I'm supposed to create a new class that has a function called EndAnimation(string animation) and Leadwerks would detect and trigger that function. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. TheConceptBoy

    Animation sets? (Maya)

    Yes, that's what I've ended up figuring out. I'm currently trying to figure out how to detect the EndAnimation call of an object in C++ so that I can switch to other stuff once a particular animation is done. I thought it'd be something like if (hands_revolver->EndAnimation("fire")) {} but there's no documentation example for C++ for this as far as I've looked.
  9. TheConceptBoy

    Animation sets? (Maya)

    To answer my own question: When exporting from Maya, all the animations are stored in one single long time-line. So I have to use the "Extract Sequence" tool in the Leadwerks model viewer to separate them into their own standalone animations.
  10. TheConceptBoy

    Animation sets? (Maya)

    Working on putting together a gun animation, when I found that Leadwerks has a handy too animation sets tool in it's model viewer. How does one separate the animations in Maya for Leadwerks to detect? This is a bone rigged pair of hands with a weapon. I'm working in Maya. Not sure if I've ever seen an animation set menu in here.
  11. TheConceptBoy

    Does Leadwerks only work with "Skin Binds" to bones?

    Brilliant, I'll take a look. In my case, perhaps I did something wrob because I had a Revolver rig (Trigger, Hammer, Drum) and a hand Rig. And Leadwerks only showed both when they all shared a common parent. It's like a tree, all branches must at some point lead back to a single root joint
  12. TheConceptBoy

    Does Leadwerks only work with "Skin Binds" to bones?

    Naa, that's quite alright, I've figured it out. One thing is that Leadwerks only support one bone structure per FBX file so if I need to make sure that all objects are skin bount to a joint and all joints run down in hierarchy to share a single parent joint. Otherwise everything is great. Even supports multiple Materials, which is amazing.
  13. TheConceptBoy

    Does Leadwerks only work with "Skin Binds" to bones?

    I figured as much, pretty standard for game engines. I also noticed that it only supports one Bone rig per model, I originally rigged my weapon to be one Bone Rig and the hands to be a 2nd rig but Leadwerks only detected the weapon rig upon Import. So all the meshes have to be a part of one bone rig I take it? PS: nice upvote rating. https://imgur.com/a/S2vpT7i
  14. Good day, everyone. I'm looking into rigging options for a pair of hands and wanted to see how Leadwerks takes it's hand rigs. In maya you "bind skin" to a bone and also you can parent ab object to a bone, which works great for mechanical objects. Which one does Leadwerks work with? Thanks!
  15. TheConceptBoy

    [C++] AddForce not moving object (making a player class).

    Will do, thanks for the input.