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  1. zombie.hzombie.cpp I've tried playing around with setting the functions as public, as per yours and some other posts with suggestions.
  2. I get this array of errors, mainly for the cpp file:
  3. I was, then I deleted it, just to see what happens, now added it. Appears to not be the cause of the issue, something else is still up with this.
  4. Would you mind sharing the acompanying cpp file you have for baseActor? I'm comparing the contents
  5. Also in addition to the above issue. Can you see if I understand these functions correctly? void Attach(); Is called during instance creation / attachment to an entity, it's a single shot event. void Detach(); Called when instance is destroyed / detatched from the Entity and the engine handle removal of all things related to it automatically. void Collision(Entity* entity, const Vec3& position, const Vec3& normal, float speed); Called upon collision with another instance. void UpdateWorld(); The main loop for this particular instance, called every cycle. void UpdatePhysics(); ? void UpdateMatrix(); ? void PostRender(Context* context); void Draw(); Called during drawing stage of the loop, perfect place for using the draw commands like void DrawEach(Camera* camera); ?
  6. Ok, on the side note, I've declared a whole bunch of functions in the .h file however I did not specify them in the cpp file for the zombie. Not that it changed anything, just a flashback from my last hair ripping C++ experience: Currently my cpp file looks like this: I'd like to point out that the ; error you see for the void of UpdateWorld is, I'm certain, is caused by the Attach function because if I move that function after UpdateWorld, then Detach will get that error so something is up with Attach. EDIT: as the matter of fact. I can remove Attach and it will move the error to Detach, then deleting that makes it move to another function so yeah. And the header is :
  7. I don't think there is such a thing as: Entity* entity = Entity::Box(); If there is, it's not in the Docs. https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Entity There does not appear to be a Create() or a Box() for Entities. There is a Create for various things that are derived from Entity like Camera, Model, Light, Decal, Emitter
  8. yeah that same semicolon error in the main.cpp remains.
  9. Ah, ok, making progress. Would you know why in the zombie.cpp the UpdateWorld is complaining about a semicolon, and that it fixes itself by just moving the function above the Attach function? Both functions are empty and I don't think the order of function declaration in the .h file affects it. Also the semicolon issue has moved on to here and I know for a fact that the issue is not somewhere above as when I delete these two lines, the application compiles just fine.
  10. Good day, I am writing this in hopes that after 4 minutes of posting this extensive question, I figure it out on my own. So apparently Leadwerks Actors system. from what I understand is an arbitrary method of creating classes that offer better integration within the engine than ordinary classes. If created properly, things like the main loop, creation and what not get executed automatically, saving you the trouble of creating your own main loop and putting in the code to update the main loop of the class yourself manually. I'm experimenting with say a class of zombies. In several locations, it's been said that when you are creating your own actor class, it should be based on the existing actor class generated by Leadwerks. I created a blank LW project and no such class was present in the project files. Furthermore, the docs outline that you use that existing class to create your own actor classes using inheritance. However once more there were no examples of how to achieve the mentioned inheritance. I did note that when you create a class in VS, it asks for a Base Class: Is this what the docs mean by creating a class based on the default one? So I went with an assumption that I just need to include a few things when I create a class in order to make sure Leadwerks can trigger it's functions or Hooks as peeps call them. So my zombie.h #include "Leadwerks.h" using namespace Leadwerks; class zombie { public: zombie(); ~zombie(); void Attach(); void Detach(); //void Collision(Entity* entity, const Vec3& position, const Vec3& normal, float speed); void UpdateWorld(); void UpdatePhysics(); void UpdateMatrix(); //void PostRender(Context* context); void Draw(); //void DrawEach(Camera* camera); }; zombie.cpp #include "zombie.h" zombie::zombie() { } zombie::~zombie() { } void zombie::Attach() { } void zombie::UpdateWorld() { System::Print("BaseActor UpdateWorld."); } I have no idea WHERE it want's that damn semi in the code, However if I move the zombie::Attach() function AFTER update world, the error goes away. While it may fix the issue, I would still like to know why it's complaining in the first place so that perhaps I may have a clue next time. in the Main function before the application enters a loop, I get this: now Everywhere (Forum, Docs etc) I see people doing this: No need to create the actor variable using the class like BaseActor * baseActir = new BaseActor(); in order to store the new instance of object and same thing with entity. Where is this entity coming from? There's no Entity::Create() in the docs so I have no idea why it's complaining here. Appreciate all the help I can get.
  11. What about doing something node based for shader creation like Unreal? I mean Yes yes, Unreal = Gian Development Team and Leadwerks = One dev Guy. The manpower is colossally different. Just hypothetically. Creating shader using nodes? For core game programming... NEVER xD but for shaders.... hmm
  12. That sounds super useful gem. Why in the world is not NOT documented? How much more is there? Do we need to dive into the engine files to find out? EDIT: Ah... "unsupported" eh. If you use them then aren't they supported? Does it only work on a case to case basis or something?
  13. Now in this setting, I've basically voided the use of App.cpp and just deleted everything in the Mail.cpp file and used Leadwerks from scratch. I am curious, what is the purpose of all that pre-existing code in a freshly created main.cpp and App.cpp? Debugging routines or something of the sort?
  14. https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Context_Drawline
  15. The Description states: Cone? PS: I'm seeing your screen-shot. That looks like a collision mesh for the staircase. I see the precision setting to the right.
  16. https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Entity_Model_Sphere The sides parameter refers to a Cone, is this correct?
  17. I see, so generally speaking your player character, be it first person or 3rd person should be scaled to that cylinder then? What about vehicles? Things that are much bigger than the character that occupy them, Use rigid bodies in those cases?
  18. Thanks, Josh. Yeah I got that figured out lat night. The Physics Debug Mode helped me visualize it. So is the Cylinder Width hard coded into the engine? Someone said it's size is used for the navmesh calculation?
  19. Did you @Abstergo By any chance google this question and this is what popped up? Because I literally just posted this an hour ago. haha.
  20. Haha. I was experimenting with various shapes after a couple of hours of hair pulling. I got fed up with changing the variable names here and 20 other places.
  21. Oooh I see, it's a cylinder! that's the character controller collision shape. I see
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