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  1. Brilliant, I'll take a look. In my case, perhaps I did something wrob because I had a Revolver rig (Trigger, Hammer, Drum) and a hand Rig. And Leadwerks only showed both when they all shared a common parent. It's like a tree, all branches must at some point lead back to a single root joint
  2. Naa, that's quite alright, I've figured it out. One thing is that Leadwerks only support one bone structure per FBX file so if I need to make sure that all objects are skin bount to a joint and all joints run down in hierarchy to share a single parent joint. Otherwise everything is great. Even supports multiple Materials, which is amazing.
  3. I figured as much, pretty standard for game engines. I also noticed that it only supports one Bone rig per model, I originally rigged my weapon to be one Bone Rig and the hands to be a 2nd rig but Leadwerks only detected the weapon rig upon Import. So all the meshes have to be a part of one bone rig I take it? PS: nice upvote rating. https://imgur.com/a/S2vpT7i
  4. Good day, everyone. I'm looking into rigging options for a pair of hands and wanted to see how Leadwerks takes it's hand rigs. In maya you "bind skin" to a bone and also you can parent ab object to a bone, which works great for mechanical objects. Which one does Leadwerks work with? Thanks!
  5. Ah, I see so there's already a player class in existance that I can use. Just followed this and got the right idea:
  6. Ah, I see what needs to be done. Each object needs to have physics enabled: // create player dummy object (CHANGE TO SPHERE LATER) player_box = Model::Sphere(); player_box->SetPhysicsMode(Entity::CharacterPhysics.); player_box->SetMass(1); //player_box->SetFriction(0, 0 The only issues is that with these collisions, it seems that the player object is dragging along the floor, the interaction is slowing the player down, making it hard to move. I figured I might have to be using Entity::RigidBodyPhysics instead of Entity::CharacterPhysics but that jus
  7. Good day, everyone. I was out, looking for another engine to add to my option and saw the Leadwerks was on sale on Humble. Ended up picking up the core engine and since I come from App Game Kit C++ programming experience, I also picked up Pro Edition to start out with C++ right away. My first question is does Leadwerks simply interpret Lua with C++ namespace commands or does it drive the engine directly? Just a side inquiry. My main question right now is figuring out how to create a player class (or for now just the movement code, i'll move it into a class later). Correct
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