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  1. I have had to switch from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge because I kept getting problems like this with Autodesk and Adobe. Chrome would not sign me in or would tell me I am entering incorrect details. I don't know what Chrome have done, but it definitely seems like an issue their end
  2. I am not very skilled in LUA at all, I am learning as I go along. But could you not code the ground so when it is hit it removes or hides say a block. Could it be sent to somewhere it could be removed from the game without causing bloat? Similar to Minecraft when they dig they do so at a block at a time and then it can be collected, or deletes itself after so long. I am certain LUA could do this as Java can. Unfortunately I would not know how to implement it all sorry
  3. As much as I want to get something changing done, I will take both your words of advice and wait for the next engine. It will not stop me tinkering whilst I am waiting though so maybe I can have a head start. Also, the list of games that need a remake is very expansive. So I think I might need to come back from the drawing board with a team. I also admit that VR is the way to go, and that too could enhance a remake. I have a lot of planning to do! Thank you both
  4. Hi all I have spent a long time going through the forum in order to catch up on anything I have missed. (Chaotic home life!) I noticed a forum post regarding increasing exposure for Leadwerks and I think it definitely needs to be done. It is a fantastic program, so easy to learn, use and grow with. My idea, which I had not seen anywhere else, would be to create a remake of a classic game on the Leadwerks engine. YouTube has the Made with Unity and Made with Unreal videos, but no Made with Leadwerks. I feel it is about time the world knew about the capabilities of this engine. That new and old developers do not have to choose between Unity or Unreal if they want to make something. And finally, that Josh and the rest of the team have put together something more than game changing, game enhancing. Does anyone else share these opinions?
  5. Hiya Am I correct in asking that the collision box being displayed is to the same height as the door stops opening?
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