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  1. Reuben

    Need help

    I see I don't have Visual Studio installed, could that be the reason it wont run? I'm installing it now hold thumbs
  2. Reuben

    Need help

    Hi Josh no gpu, its an hp laptop that I mostly use for work, its about five years old. I installed leadwerks onto my pc as it has a gpu, but it doesn't launch. I had previously installed the leadwerks demo on my pc before and it worked fine, I could never find a place here in South Africa that sold the software and gave up on the idea of ever having Leadwerks until today
  3. Reuben

    Need help

    Hi I'm new to Leadwerks, saw a few videos and thought it may be fun. I purchased Leadwerks Game Engine 4.5 Professional Edition today and installed on my laptop, created a level and tried to run the level... the level would not run, I then remembered my laptop does not have a graphics card. I installed steam on my pc, logged into my account and installed leadwerks onto my pc, it will not launch The pc meets the minimum requirements yet nothing happens. Any thoughts?
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