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  1. So, that can be used for tanks ? and wil be avaiable for .lua?
  2. Jorns2

    FBX problem

    Its unbelievable but use version 4.6 and i replace converter from version 4.4 and THIS WORKING. Thank you very much.
  3. Jorns2

    FBX problem

    So, i have fully reinstalled windows (complete clear installation) and the problem persist. I have two suggestions: problem is located in steam (where is stored player setting etc...) or i have another problem with starting leadwerks. Application throuh steam won't start, the i found problem with exe which request "Msvcr100.dll" (yes i have installed msvc++ redist) . I have downloaded this library and engine works But fbx. models cannot be converted again and again... When i use converter in folder Tools it works perfectly, only drag-n-drop system in editor not working. And before (year before) all works perfect in this time i use 4.3 or 4.4 i dont know...
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