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  1. Lethal Raptor Games

    Leadwerks Game Engine 4.6 Beta Available

    Wow! Loading models in debug mode is fast now!
  2. Lethal Raptor Games


    Thanks. It turned out to be the pick radius. Changing from 0.01f to 0.0f worked. Any idea why?
  3. Lethal Raptor Games


    PickInfo.triangle returns -1 for me, and PickInfo.face is NULL. This is my code; Vec3 _mPos = window->GetMousePosition(); PickInfo _pickInfo; if (camera->Pick(_mPos.x, _mPos.y, _pickInfo, 0.01f, true) == true) { int _index = _pickInfo.triangle; auto _face = _pickInfo.face; } Is there a way to get this data?
  4. Lethal Raptor Games

    Turbo Game Engine Beta Update

    Great work. Love the fact we can add multiple scripts. Looking forward to when physics are implemented!
  5. Lethal Raptor Games


    Would be nice if World::SetAmbientLight() could take a Vec3 overload, and maybe even a Vec4.
  6. Lethal Raptor Games

    Full-screen while running

    Thanks. Working now int _index = comboboxFullscreen->GetSelectedIndex(); bool _oldFullscreenValue = Base::Config::fullScreen; Base::Config::fullScreen = (_index == 0 ? true : false); if (_oldFullscreenValue != Base::Config::fullScreen) { Context::GetCurrent()->Release(); Window::GetCurrent()->Release(); int _xPos = (Base::Config::fullScreen == true ? 0 : Base::desktopWidth / 2); int _yPos = (Base::Config::fullScreen == true ? 0 : Base::desktopHeight / 2); auto _newWindow = Window::Create(Base::GameTitle, _xPos, _yPos, Base::Config::screenWidth, Base::Config::screenHeight, (Base::Config::fullScreen == true ? Window::FullScreen : Window::Titlebar)); auto _context = Context::Create(_newWindow); } else { Window::GetCurrent()->SetLayout((Base::desktopWidth / 2) - (Base::Config::screenWidth / 2), (Base::desktopHeight / 2) - (Base::Config::screenHeight / 2), Base::Config::screenWidth, Base::Config::screenHeight); }
  7. Lethal Raptor Games

    Full-screen while running

    Will the old context also have to be remade to point to the new window?
  8. Lethal Raptor Games

    Full-screen while running

    Ah okay. I use SetLayout and center the screen using (GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXSCREEN) / 2) - (newWidth / 2). SetLayout takes and x,y,width,and height arguments, but not a full screen argument. It would be nice if it did.
  9. Lethal Raptor Games

    Full-screen while running

    Yeah I can change the resolution while it's running, but the only option I see for setting full-screen is in the Window::Create() function. I was looking for window->SetFullscreenMode(bool) or something similar. I'm wondering if releasing the window and recreating will cause problems... I should try it...
  10. Lethal Raptor Games

    Full-screen while running

    Is it possible to change a window between full-screen and windowed mode while it is running? Can the full-screen window be created and then set as the default, then the old window deleted? 🤔
  11. Lethal Raptor Games

    SteamOverlay Active/Inactive

    I created a class specifically for steam callbacks; #header class cSteamCallbacks { private: STEAM_CALLBACK(cSteamCallbacks, _onGameOverlayActivated, GameOverlayActivated_t); public: bool steamOverlayActive = false; }; #cpp void cSteamCallbacks::_onGameOverlayActivated(GameOverlayActivated_t * pCallback) { if (pCallback->m_bActive == 1) { steamOverlayActive = true; } else { steamOverlayActive = false; } } #App.cpp cSteamCallback* steamCallback = nullptr; bool _steamSuccess = Steamworks::Initialize(); if (_steamSuccess == true) { steamCallback = new cSteamCallback(); } #Loop if(steamCallback->steamOverlayActive == false){ //Update mouse interaction }
  12. Lethal Raptor Games

    SteamOverlay Active/Inactive

    Yeah. I have it working now, thanks guys. Is this something you'll end up managing in the Steamworks class or you think it is best left for us to implement?
  13. Lethal Raptor Games

    SteamOverlay Active/Inactive

  14. Lethal Raptor Games

    SteamOverlay Active/Inactive

    Okay I found this which is a struct; GameOverlayActivated_t
  15. Lethal Raptor Games

    SteamOverlay Active/Inactive

    Thanks. That looks to be the one but all I can find is this; Steamworks::steamfriends->ActivateGameOverlay() Which is just another method of activating the overlay.