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  1. Lethal Raptor Games


    They're defiantly worth it. Though I have noticed that I can't use post processing effects with mine... I'll probably post something in tech assistance soon.
  2. Lethal Raptor Games


    For billboards?
  3. Lethal Raptor Games


    I'm using shader storage objects to store precalculated billboard data for my trees. Faster than using trigonometry functions. 😉
  4. Lethal Raptor Games


    Shader->Getprogram() vs ((OpenGLShader*)_shader)->program would be nice
  5. Lethal Raptor Games


    It's probably just a coding error that needs fixing.
  6. Lethal Raptor Games

    AABB will not detect all entities

    Have you enabled debugging of all AABB's? I'm away from my pc atm but it somthing like camera->debugAABB().
  7. Lethal Raptor Games

    Bindless Textures

    Awsome! How many textures can we assign to a model using texture arrays?
  8. Just got multiplayer working, only took 3 hours which is way quicker than I thought it'd take. :D

  9. Lethal Raptor Games


    Pity we can't remove them from the lobby. I thought maybe adding them to the blockedusers list, but not sure what impact this might have elsewhere.
  10. Lethal Raptor Games


    It would probably cause a crash somewhere along the line too, as they wont be sending the same data as you. Maybe when a client joins we test to see if they are running the same game or not. 🤔
  11. Lethal Raptor Games


    I should read more often.
  12. Lethal Raptor Games


    When I call Lobby::Count() it retrieves a 49 lobbies. I think I'll have to use one of the overloads and pass a string attribute that looks for lobbies made for only the current game? int _totalLobbies = Lobby::Count(); for (int id = 0; id < _totalLobbies; id++) { auto _lobby = Lobby::Get(id); if (_lobby != nullptr) { int _totalMembers = _lobby->CountMembers(); int _maxPlayers = 32; std::string _name = _lobby->GetString("lobbyname"); std::string _lobbyName = String(id) + " : " + _name + " " + String(_totalMembers) + "/" + String(_maxPlayers); Lobbies.push_back(_lobbyName); } else { MessageBox(Window::GetCurrent()->GetHandle(), "Could not load Lobby!", "Error", MB_OK); } }
  13. Lethal Raptor Games

    Creating a Lobby

    Thanks for that. At the very least I can use set key to send the max players.
  14. Lethal Raptor Games

    Creating a Lobby

    Just started setting up multiplayer and have a few questions about the lobby; Is creating a lobby specific to the games steam id? So you can't access other games lobbies...? Can we name lobbies? Can we get what the maximum players has been set to? Like "lobby->GetMaxPlayers()" Thanks
  15. Lethal Raptor Games

    Development Days

    Personally I like them. They look neat. But do take time to write...