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  1. Do voxels work by default or do I need to set up some things first?
  2. Two weeks away from programming.  #justgotmarried

    1. Thirsty Panther

      Thirsty Panther


  3. Looks great! What if we wanted to animate an object manually? Like use code to make a player walk over certain obstacles, is this possible?
  4. I'll download and try it in the morning. What else do you need to do before release?
  5. I think you can play a sound without creating a source. But if you want source you need a Listener, if you dont have a camera just set the position of the listener.
  6. For a source to be heard you will need a Listener. I can't be sure, but I think you parent it to the camera. You're probably better off loading your sound and creating the source at the game startup, and just play it on keypress.
  7. I think this is a great idea 🙂
  8. So I was using FreeImage functions in the last build and now obviously I need to use LoadPlugin(), but how do I still use the functions like FreeImage_GetWidth()?
  9. Try including <iostream.h> in your project. I think thats the right header... I'm not sure... Leadwerks also has an inbuilt filesystem, have you tried using that?
  10. Can't wait to experiment with this.
  11. Its been a while since I was tackling texture arrays & atlases. I did manage to get the arrays working in a way, but not exactly how I wanted them too work. As far as getting your texture to rotate, have you tried swapping dx and dy? Is that what you mean by getting them to flip 90°? I'm away from my PC at the moment so I'm unable to test it and I'm just going off memory. 😉
  12. Defiantly not being called somewhere else, I commented out all my code in the loop except this; void cGame::Loop() { while (MainFrame::window->Closed() == false && ExitGame == false) { auto _event = GetEvent(); if (_event.id != EVENT_NONE) { Confirm("Somthing Else"); } } } It only showed the message box when the window was being created and moved. I'll see if I can put together a small project and upload it.
  13. I tried that but GetEvent() always returns EVENT_NONE excpet on startup when I get EVENT_WINDOW_SIZE and then EVENT_WINDOW_MOVE auto _event = GetEvent(); if (_event.id != EVENT_NONE) { Confirm("Somthing Else"); }
  14. So I would have to detect the mouse click in C++ and then call gui->ProcessEvent()? Like; If mouseclick() == true Event event = new Event(); event.id = MOUSE_CLICK GUI->ProcessEvent(event) Please ignore the syntax, I'm currently at work on my phone 🤪
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