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  1. Good idea. I actually like the new theme.
  2. I think there is a command Context::GetCurrent() which should do that.
  3. I think you've set player to an Entity type. Try String "Player".
  4. Is anyone else experience slow downloads from here lately?  Namely the beta's and benchmarks. I get up to 4mb/sec through Steam and other sites but here it barely reaches 100kb/sec.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. reepblue


      Sometimes, the forum loads really slow. 

    3. aiaf


      Didnt experience such problems, could be something about your ISP i suppose amazon serves data with servers close to your location for speed.

    4. Lethal Raptor Games

      Lethal Raptor Games

      I'm starting to think it's my router setup then.  I have a router in the main house then another hooked up in the granny flat via Ethernet (which I'm using).  Sometimes the browses refuse to load web-pages unless I restart them.

  5. This is great. Can't wait to see how this effects my large terrain mesh.
  6. Use AlignToVector() to align to the terrain's normal.
  7. I haven't finished it yet, but it is still in the works. I will be finishing it off once I finish my terrain shader for Leadwerks 5. After that I'll see if the grass works with the Leadwerks 4 terrain and then upload it. Basically all I need to do is get the grass to appear on a grass texture layer and use that same texture to colour, scale and rotate each blade.
  8. Kickstarter for The Seventh World is live!  Feel free to share with friends! 

    1. Josh


      I backed it!

    2. Lethal Raptor Games
    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Lethal Raptor Games

      Lethal Raptor Games

      It's live! 


    3. Josh


      The amount you raised is actually pretty impressive. I wonder what would happen if the goal wasn't so high.

    4. Lethal Raptor Games

      Lethal Raptor Games

      I was wondering that myself.  I think with a few more months work to make it look nice and a lower goal and it might get funded.

  9. Do voxels work by default or do I need to set up some things first?
  10. Two weeks away from programming.  #justgotmarried

    1. Thirsty Panther

      Thirsty Panther


  11. Looks great! What if we wanted to animate an object manually? Like use code to make a player walk over certain obstacles, is this possible?
  12. I'll download and try it in the morning. What else do you need to do before release?
  13. I think you can play a sound without creating a source. But if you want source you need a Listener, if you dont have a camera just set the position of the listener.
  14. For a source to be heard you will need a Listener. I can't be sure, but I think you parent it to the camera. You're probably better off loading your sound and creating the source at the game startup, and just play it on keypress.
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