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  1. Do voxels work by default or do I need to set up some things first?
  2. Two weeks away from programming.  #justgotmarried

    1. Thirsty Panther

      Thirsty Panther


  3. Looks great! What if we wanted to animate an object manually? Like use code to make a player walk over certain obstacles, is this possible?
  4. I'll download and try it in the morning. What else do you need to do before release?
  5. I think you can play a sound without creating a source. But if you want source you need a Listener, if you dont have a camera just set the position of the listener.
  6. For a source to be heard you will need a Listener. I can't be sure, but I think you parent it to the camera. You're probably better off loading your sound and creating the source at the game startup, and just play it on keypress.
  7. So I was using FreeImage functions in the last build and now obviously I need to use LoadPlugin(), but how do I still use the functions like FreeImage_GetWidth()?
  8. Try including <iostream.h> in your project. I think thats the right header... I'm not sure... Leadwerks also has an inbuilt filesystem, have you tried using that?
  9. Can't wait to experiment with this.
  10. Its been a while since I was tackling texture arrays & atlases. I did manage to get the arrays working in a way, but not exactly how I wanted them too work. As far as getting your texture to rotate, have you tried swapping dx and dy? Is that what you mean by getting them to flip 90°? I'm away from my PC at the moment so I'm unable to test it and I'm just going off memory. ?
  11. Defiantly not being called somewhere else, I commented out all my code in the loop except this; void cGame::Loop() { while (MainFrame::window->Closed() == false && ExitGame == false) { auto _event = GetEvent(); if (_event.id != EVENT_NONE) { Confirm("Somthing Else"); } } } It only showed the message box when the window was being created and moved. I'll see if I can put together a small project and upload it.
  12. I tried that but GetEvent() always returns EVENT_NONE excpet on startup when I get EVENT_WINDOW_SIZE and then EVENT_WINDOW_MOVE auto _event = GetEvent(); if (_event.id != EVENT_NONE) { Confirm("Somthing Else"); }
  13. So I would have to detect the mouse click in C++ and then call gui->ProcessEvent()? Like; If mouseclick() == true Event event = new Event(); event.id = MOUSE_CLICK GUI->ProcessEvent(event) Please ignore the syntax, I'm currently at work on my phone ?
  14. I don't quite understand how to get the events to the widgets? I'm using C++, are there any other examples floating around?
  15. My Turbo Subscription expired and I can't seem to renew?

    1. Lethal Raptor Games

      Lethal Raptor Games

      I have, it says it cant find what I'm looking for.  The subscription isnt on the store page anymore either... 

    2. JoshЖ


      I will add you into the beta testers group.

    3. Lethal Raptor Games

      Lethal Raptor Games

      Thanks, will that give me access to the forms too?  ?

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  16. Is this the correct naming? { "root": "PBR.json", "float": { "OPAQUE": { "default": { "base": { "vertex": "Landscape.vert.spv", "geometry": "Landscape.geom.spv", "fragment": "Landscape.frag.spv" } All stages compile and the vert & frag work, but the geometry shader seems to be skipped. Changes to it don't take effect.
  17. How do these handle geometry shaders?
  18. When can we expect another update?
  19. You might have to decrease your brush size, that may help.
  20. Looking good. If you do release it to Steam will it be a subscription also?
  21. A multiplication operator for Vec4 would be nice. E.g. Vec4() * Vec4()
  22. Instead of the single UpdatePhysics() hook in LUA and the Actors, how about the same hooks that are in newton? PreUpdate() and PostUpdate(). I'm finding them very useful.
  23. I like how he puts the box on his head Good job.
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